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The 10th anniversary day was awesome, but I didn't sleep for 24+ hours and had to catch up on things. News was a big one. Let me try and keep it brief, because a lot is going on.


Kickstarter is LIVE - Early bird rewards expire at midnight!


The big news that ties all the other news together is the new Kickstarter project. This is for an Erfworld deck of official Bicycle brand playing cards, with stretch goals related to the other anniversary stuff. You can see what that's about on the project page, but in terms of news I just want to let you know that we put a couple of serious early bird deals on this one.

You have 24 hours to grab the 2-deck display box ($35) level for $25, or the 3-deck collectors' case ($75) level for $65. If you're thinking about pledging these levels, today's the day to do it!



A word about Milestone 4 and "Free Cards Day" in regards to the Kickstarter


This is for Tools (or people thinking about joining). Let's do a clarification of a confusing milestone promise before we hit it, this time. Milestone 4 says "Backers at all tiers will get a free deck of Erfworld playing cards, once they're made."


Here's what that means. "Free Cards Day" is a one-time event. It will happen on the day we first break through Milestone 4. If we hit Milestone 4 and fall back below it, "Free Cards Day" will not ever be triggered again.

You will get a free deck of cards mailed to your home address (no postage and handling required) if you meet the following conditions:

   1. You are actively pledged to the Toolshed on Free Cards Day (old school Tools still under the old Toolbox system do not count)
   2. Your payment information is up to date, and we were able to process all your pledges the last time we tried
   3. You were an active subscriber for each of the 10 on-time updates before Free Cards Day -or- you remain an active subscriber for the 10 updates that follow Free Cards Day.


You will get the black deck. You will not be given an option in this. So my advice for anyone who is a Tool and wants to pledge the Kickstarter is to get the red/blue pack and any display box add-ons you want. The black deck will eventually come to you in the mail.


And if Free Cards Day sounds like something you want in on, remember that you can't get a deck if you are not actively pledging on the day we first hit Milestone 4. You can play chicken with that if you want to.


Anniversary Badges and Units


Everybody who logged in to the site on December the 7th (midnight to midnight, eastern time) got a "10/10" badge. We're aware that a bug prevented a few logged in people from getting this badge, but we think we can track them down and assign the badge retroactively. If you missed the 7th, though, or you visited without logging in, then you missed the badge.


We also gave away Decrypted stabber units, the first in what is hopefully a whole lot of collectible unit 3D sculpts by Lauri. We'll do more details about that program in a coming news post. Those, you can still collect by clicking the Latest Page button and accepting the unit. These require a login, and will also get you a "Trooper Scooper" badge (thanks to Linda for the name), so long as you keep one unit collected. As soon as the next page of Erfworld is posted, you will no longer be offered your Decrypted stabber!



Erfworld Gametable


We have also implemented the long-promised (from Kickstarter #1) "board game testbed," in the form of For now, this is a mostly generic instance of the Tabloro engine, which is working with our login system. Lots more about that in future updates, but we want to really turn it into a place where Erfworld readers can play and develop tabletop games in the browser.


Still More to Come


We've got more site stuff to roll out this week to commemorate Erfworld hitting 10 years online. Watch for more news over the coming days. We made it! Woohoo!





  • Zeal

    These are lovely. I've already pledged for one of the early bird deals but I'm curious whether the cards or the cases will be available in the store after the Kickstarter?

  • balder

    @Zeal Both will be. They may even be at a lower price point, because Kickstarter is really for raising the funds to make the cards at all (and tp do the other things we want to accomplish with that money). But the plastic cases will have different stickers if we include them.

  • dmolla

    darnit Rob! How can I not pledge to summon my very own DigDoug unit!

    well played! Extremely excited about all the new changes!

  • Tathar

     I hope I did the conversion to the new system correctly.  Do you have to do anything other than start using the new system for the old system to be cancelled?

  • Brony83

    What is an active subscriber? Where do you subscribe and how do you define "active"?

  • Salvage

    I agree with dmolla. Yay! Too bad though, my wife would croak me if I took $1500 from our house fund :) Seriously though, all cool stuff. As always, best of luck on this new phase.

  • Noigel (Tipped by 1 person!)

    Go here:

    Find the dollar amount / benefit structure that you want to pledge at for each on-time update and click on it.  Complete payment information process.

    There's 8 to 9 pages a month, you pledge your dollar amount X number of pages on time per month.  



  • Caprice (Tipped by 2 people!)

    All well and good, but I fail to see the reasoning behind celebrating a period of 3653 turns ;)

  • etherkye (Tipped by 1 person!)

    Can I pledge with smuckers? I'm rather low on USD at the moment!


    Also if you need any printed for the EU market let me know and I might be able to get some made over here, and then posted from the UK, and save some hefty postage costs.

  • ThisIsNotDan

    I believe the free decrypted unit is a piker, not a stabber, but the title on the image says "spearman," so I'm doubly confused.

  • Keighvin1

    Pikes are very long spears used more for area denial, the stabber just has a regular spear.

  • Polvane the eraser


    Good thing I decided to check Erfworld today; I might have missed the Early Bird offer/s.

  • DLcygnet

    DARNIT ROB! I just kicked my Kickstarter addiction. sigh Take my money. I'm out of playing cards anyway :)


  • DLcygnet

    Also, this might be a good time to remind people to update their credit card info in case their bank switched from Mastercard to VISA this year too... Oops.

  • ThisIsNotDan

    Ah, I'd forgotten about dear Wrigley. That's probably what I should have named my stabber. Thanks for the clarification!

  • technojunkie (Tipped by 1 person!)

    Hmm it's tempting to switch to the toolshed for a shot at the balck deck, but I think I'd rather just pay for it via the kickstarter.



    I'm staying in the tool box until you shake me out Rob!!!! (not because I don't want to join the shed, it's now a point of pride :P )

  • The Rats

    totally offtopic but can we get a 2017 pin-up calendar?

  • DLcygnet

    70 minutes left on the early bird rewards!

  • Frankquith

    Quick question, preferably before the discount on the kickstarter finishes.


    Will Milestone 4 come with one of the plastic cases?

  • Beeskee

    I didn't get off work until 11:30pm lol  XD

  • Beeskee

    You need a "brick" reward level - for a box of 10 or 12 decks or whatever. Ideally multiple rewards, including one with 3 bricks, one of each color (plus signed rewards for those dollar amounts)

    I've backed a bunch of decks lol. I have a few bricks of rares including Quicksilver <3

  • Beeskee

    pledged for $85 for Signed + $30 extra red/blue/black + $10 one extra black deck <3

  • balder

    @Frankquith We're really not sure. If we can budget in a case, that's how I would like to ship them out. It won't be the 10th Anniversary art one, but if we can swing it, we'll try to include a case of some kind. No promises.


    @Beeskee I am asking about bricks from our contact at US Playing Card Company.


    @The Rats Maybe 2018 but not 2017, sorry. It just wasn't in the cards.

  • Brony83

    What is an active subscriber? Where do you subscribe and how do you define "active"?

  • DLcygnet (Tipped by 1 person!)

    @Brony: Log in. Go to your Subscription:

    If the top box on the right says "Status: Active" then you're almost there!

    Scroll down to make sure you don't have any "unpaid" transactions and your credit card info is up to date. Done.