Holiday Miss(es)

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Okay, it's near midnight on an update day, and it's Christmas week. 

Today, the site was down due to causes so stupid that I'm not even getting into it, except to say that absolutely none of the stupidness rests with anyone on Team Erfworld. It was external stupidity from multiple directions. In addition to the trouble this caused while it was happening, it pretty much grabbed all our productive hours to fix it, test it, and exchange lots of emails about it.


We had not announced this (other than in the vaguest possible terms), but we were planning on missing two updates this month, on the Friday before Christmas (Dec 23) and the Friday before New Years (Dec 30). In light of the server stuff, I need to make an executive decision here, and move around what holiday days we're missing.


We will miss today. But we will post on Friday the 23rd. This update is in the can and done, but did not receive the attention and polish it deserves, because of the site disaster. I'll have it ready to go as early as possible on Friday, instead of skipping that day. It's a nice, meaty text with amusing art.


We may still miss Friday the 30th, or we may actually post a page on that day. I'll let you know as it gets closer. This does not mean there is no buffer. There is one, and I would like to grow it over the break. It does mean that we still need a break (more than ever), and that Christmas week while running a Kickstarter is not an ideal time to have an all-day technological crisis, powered by external stupidity.


So that's the deal. TL;DR Crisis handled. Update disappointment today. Friday's update disappointment canceled.

And I want to add that the web team did an outstanding job in a really serious situation today. John is on holiday vacation this week, and he put in a major amount of work despite that, doing most of the detective work and firefighting. Red and Brendan both were on deck and helping a lot. We handled this thing about as well as it could be handled, and they all deserve a medal.


  • Polvane the eraser

    Very sorry about your site mishap, Rob.    But thanks for letting us know; at least now I can stop punching Refresh on my keyboard.

    I wish you and the rest of the Erfworld team Merry Christmas.

  • Axiom

    Thanks for letting us know.  I'm glad the issue was something minor (in the grand scheme of things) instead of something major, like a health emergency.  As always, we would appreciate hearing about things like this sooner rather than later.  Understandably, when the issue is the website itself (and I did notice that it was borked from an end-user perspective) that impacts your ability to put up a notification.  I hope the issue is resolved swiftly and the web team can go back to enjoying the holidays.


    Thanks for doing your best.  Do try to get some rest in between putting out fires.  Happy Holidays.

  • balder

    Well, the site is still not behaving well, and that's part of the calculus. What's worse: no update, or "there was an update but the site won't load"?

  • Snipercam7

    Everyone deserves a holiday, regardless of the server issues. Have a great christmas Team Erfworld!

  • IODQ

    Thanks for all your work.

  • BillDoors

    Cheers, Team Erfworld. No hard feelings.

  • Snipercam7 (Tipped by 2 people!)

    I think an update but the site not loading is worse.


    "Still not working"


    "Still not working"


    "Still no- I SEE WANDA'S FAC- Oh it timed out."


    We'd go crazy.

  • Bzro

    Good to know that everything is okay over there, I was a little worried about the site. Glad that it all worked out in the end! Have a happy, well deserved break Team Erfworld!

  • density

    thanks for all the work!  Happy days to all the Erfworlders in Richmond!



  • Lawence of Awabia

    Thanks for the update, Rob.  I think this was a good call.

    Remember how you mentioned going a whole year without any major Erfworld disasters?  Well, here it is, and ultimately it looks like it's not too terrible.  Just a perfect way to wrap up this banner year...thanks, 2016!

  • stemfish

    Thanks for the update! Glad that the crisis is over, hopefully you guys find a chance to relax and enjoy the holidays while in the middle of the Kickstarter.

  • Xarx

    Absolutely the right thing to do . Looking forward to Friday's update . 

    Have a great holiday, you deserve it ! 

  • Fla_Panther

    As someone who works in the IT field I have to admit I'm curious what the external stupidity was.  Never know when someone else could learn from your problem.

  • Anomynous 167 (Tipped by 1 person!)

    This is terrible news, I was just about to make a wager betting that the next page'd make it by Tuesday and that you'd be taking a break on Friday.

    THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PROCRASTINATE YOUR GAMBLING HABBITS. Everything you hope to bet on and then not bet on it, turns out to be false....

  • kaylasdad99

    Don't think of it as a disappointment, Rob. Think of it as we have three extra days to argue about whether guns are going to make a difference! Also about whether Jillian is a sympathetic character or a murderous psychopathic war criminal.

    Merry Christmas to you and the team, mon capitan!


  • BakaGrappler

    /me stands up slowly... and begins slowly clapping, the tempo slowly growing in speed.


    God bless Erf, and the team that makes it.  Thank you for explaining and caring.

  • WooSai

    Thanks for posting. I'm sad that we're missing an update, but happy that you got the booping mess solved.  Hopefully the WebCloud titans don't see fit to raise their ugly heads again, especially over the holidays.  Glad things worked out!

  • DVL

    I was wondering why the site was farting itself yesterday.

  • Noigel (Tipped by 1 person!)

    I feel bad that the site problem "stole" your preplanned holiday time.  :(  Don't push too hard to catch up.

    Maybe waaaaaay down the road Lauri could create a 3D unit to have "in the chamber" for when the next one of these outtages hits.  When the site comes back up all the people who sign in and check on Erfworld that day could acquire it.  I'm thinking a Tardy Elf.  Hahaha.

    Seriously, you all take it easy.  :)







  • NinaAndresen

    Glædelig jul og godt nytår til team Erfworld fra Danmark :) 


    Merry Christmas and happy new year to team Erfworld from Denmark :) 

  • MDMann

    My first post. Appropriate really.

    Merry Christmas. Don't sweat it, things happen and we all have IT issues from time to time. Just join the chorus, blame IT, then become embarrassed when they actually fix things in good time.

  • Tsonn

    Merry Christmas Erfworld :)

  • vernes

    Stay calm.

    We're all addicted. 

    We'll keep coming back, regardless of lateness.


    Happy xmas.

  • WurmD (Tipped by 1 person!)

    I got a chrome extension to refresh the site for me

    "Tardy Elf" hahahahahahahh XD loved it!



  • kosteraku

    posts like this actually make a lot of difference

    it's nice to know you guys care :)