Holiday Miss(es)

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By balder Comments (52)

Okay, it's near midnight on an update day, and it's Christmas week. 

Today, the site was down due to causes so stupid that I'm not even getting into it, except to say that absolutely none of the stupidness rests with anyone on Team Erfworld. It was external stupidity from multiple directions. In addition to the trouble this caused while it was happening, it pretty much grabbed all our productive hours to fix it, test it, and exchange lots of emails about it.


We had not announced this (other than in the vaguest possible terms), but we were planning on missing two updates this month, on the Friday before Christmas (Dec 23) and the Friday before New Years (Dec 30). In light of the server stuff, I need to make an executive decision here, and move around what holiday days we're missing.


We will miss today. But we will post on Friday the 23rd. This update is in the can and done, but did not receive the attention and polish it deserves, because of the site disaster. I'll have it ready to go as early as possible on Friday, instead of skipping that day. It's a nice, meaty text with amusing art.


We may still miss Friday the 30th, or we may actually post a page on that day. I'll let you know as it gets closer. This does not mean there is no buffer. There is one, and I would like to grow it over the break. It does mean that we still need a break (more than ever), and that Christmas week while running a Kickstarter is not an ideal time to have an all-day technological crisis, powered by external stupidity.


So that's the deal. TL;DR Crisis handled. Update disappointment today. Friday's update disappointment canceled.

And I want to add that the web team did an outstanding job in a really serious situation today. John is on holiday vacation this week, and he put in a major amount of work despite that, doing most of the detective work and firefighting. Red and Brendan both were on deck and helping a lot. We handled this thing about as well as it could be handled, and they all deserve a medal.


  • Tualha

    My condolences for all your wasted time, and thanks for letting us know what happened. Let us all send metaphorical yellow dragons in pursuit of the external stupids, to crap and crap and crap upon them until they beg for mercy.

  • C9H20

    It's all good Rob. I am actually really glad to hear that you guys are so ahead of schedule that we might get a Christmas and New Year updates. You've guys had bad luck enough for 5 webcomics, my Christmas wish for you is that you have smooth sailing from here on out :)

  • Kir

    As a small compensation: OOTS has updated ^^

  • nmg20

    Happy Christmas!

  • Paulostore

    U know most people like to discover the stupid thing other people do (like put the data cabe on the power line and see the fireworks).

  • t3p

    Merry Christmas, Rob - we all love the work you and the rest of your team do!

  • dmolla

    Worrisome that the site was down yesterday, but never really worried, as Team Erfworld always pulls it off!

    and getting a text update on Friday is like getting a Christmas present a couple days early! While I do so love the art, I look forward to text updates because they take longer to read and I get to be in Erfworld that much longer before having to re-enter stupidworld (which literally lived up to its name yesterday for you guys!)

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years to the whole Erf Team!

  • Supewfluous

    I'll just pretend the last update was so good it counts for two. And the external IT crew knew it and figured they wouldn't have to work for this one.

    Thanks for a year full of great reading and impressive problem solving skills and do remember to take a break during the holidays. You really deserve it.

  • Aythem

    I used the downtime to finally read the prequel book. I had read about half of it as it was coming out, but the slow pace and mixing it with the main story distracted me. So I finally sat down to read the whole thing. I was up until 2:00 in the morning reveling in each page. You guys are some damn fine storytellers I say! 
    (And now I'm disappointed that the upcoming Oz re-imagining on NBC isn't this one...)

  • AdmiralFuzzypants

    Do what you gotta. Thanks for this brilliant story and merry christmas.

  • gamingfreak10

    As someone who's job is literally to handle situations like what you went through yesterday, I have enormous sympathy for you.It's not easy, and every minute you're down is excruciating. Props to the team for handling it and getting it fixed so quickly, especially John for working on vacation. I know that feel too. Happy Holidays to the entire Erfworld team!

  • Tensor

    So there is a buffer, but you're not going to use it.  Ooook.

  • Knott

    Server troubles are always big pain..

    I was very much expecting those two skips though, I'm actually surprised that the 27th isn't a planned skip.

    Anyway, a merry Yuletide to all!

  • Kmeljora

    "powered by external stupidity"
    Hehehe, I might have to steal that one :P

  • ArkenSaw

    Ah, stupidity, the most common element in the universe...

  • Nekoatl

    Were those planned misses because you needed time to finish the Rule 34 poster?

  • ArkenSaw

    Actually, I am (pleasantly) surprised that we're getting updates prior to the new year. I can't imagine how grueling it must be to run a webcomic over the holidays.

  • etherkye

    Just one suggestion, next time there's issues just post something to twitter that you're aware of the problem and you're working on it.  That way people won't be panicking as much and have somewhere to check for a status update.

  • AggieDan

    I feel your pain.  I've got close to 2,000 servers that I have to help manage on a daily (sometimes nightly) basis.  I know well the time sink that is a site outage.  One failed SQL server for us this week sucked up 10 hours of my week... so far.

    Looking forward to Friday!

  • magusjuniperb

    I thought it was a Charlie hack. O.O

    Just kidding. Kudos to your team, as always. I am always just grateful when there's an update, I never try to expect anything. :)

  • Nik

    If life gives you crap, make crap golems?

    No worries here - you all deserve a holiday break! I think you've given us more than enough peeks behind the scenes to know that even when things look smooth on our end, it's only due to a ton of effort from a whole team of players behind the scenes.

    Happy Holidays to your whole team - looking forward to a 2017 full of Erfworld! And some breaks when you guys need 'em!

  • Ansan Gotti

    Thanks for the info, really appreciate you sharing that with us. So sorry to hear about the external issues! Plan moving forward sounds eminently reasonable, like some of the others, I'm incredibly pleased we're getting any updates at all during the holiday season. Hope you can all take some time off to enjoy it with friends and family!

  • Xellos

    Meanwhile for anyone who doesn't have enough webcomics:

  • YRM DM

    The updates were really getting good... starting to get past the buildup.   But yet, this kind of honest communication is why I love Erfworld.  Have a great holiday.

  • totalnerduk

    Xmas, "external stupidity", and the desire to let people have some downtime are exactly what I'd have thought a buffer would be used for, but I guess it's being saved for when there's enough in the can to allow everybody to take a whole year off at once.

    Which is thinking I could get behind.