Holiday Miss(es)

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Okay, it's near midnight on an update day, and it's Christmas week. 

Today, the site was down due to causes so stupid that I'm not even getting into it, except to say that absolutely none of the stupidness rests with anyone on Team Erfworld. It was external stupidity from multiple directions. In addition to the trouble this caused while it was happening, it pretty much grabbed all our productive hours to fix it, test it, and exchange lots of emails about it.


We had not announced this (other than in the vaguest possible terms), but we were planning on missing two updates this month, on the Friday before Christmas (Dec 23) and the Friday before New Years (Dec 30). In light of the server stuff, I need to make an executive decision here, and move around what holiday days we're missing.


We will miss today. But we will post on Friday the 23rd. This update is in the can and done, but did not receive the attention and polish it deserves, because of the site disaster. I'll have it ready to go as early as possible on Friday, instead of skipping that day. It's a nice, meaty text with amusing art.


We may still miss Friday the 30th, or we may actually post a page on that day. I'll let you know as it gets closer. This does not mean there is no buffer. There is one, and I would like to grow it over the break. It does mean that we still need a break (more than ever), and that Christmas week while running a Kickstarter is not an ideal time to have an all-day technological crisis, powered by external stupidity.


So that's the deal. TL;DR Crisis handled. Update disappointment today. Friday's update disappointment canceled.

And I want to add that the web team did an outstanding job in a really serious situation today. John is on holiday vacation this week, and he put in a major amount of work despite that, doing most of the detective work and firefighting. Red and Brendan both were on deck and helping a lot. We handled this thing about as well as it could be handled, and they all deserve a medal.


  • Lymmothy

    I would rather that the buffer used to guarantee on-time updates instead used during scheduled breaks.

    Everyone has the right to a break. Everyone.

    Don't forget: they don't update, they don't get paid. It's not like they're taking our money and not delivering a product.


  • assassinated

    I'm not sure this is new or not Balder, but have you ever looked into stuff like Selenium or DalekJS or Pingdom? Just an idea, stuff I've worked with forever that is for testing the "it's down for you but not for me" kind of scenarios.