Hippie New Year!

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We were asked a lot if we were doing a 2017 calendar. We've had to answer that it was not in the plans.


As it turns out, we will sort of have one after all.


The special pin-up poster that we promised to backers of 2015's calendar Kickstarter turned out to have some extra space along the bottom. Because of size standards, it was literally cheaper to print an 18" x 24" than the 12" x 24" size we promised. So Xin put a full year calendar for 2017 just below the beautiful 12" x 24" art of all the Hippiemancers dancing at the beach at sunset. (Magic Kingdom sunsets are weird. This poster is our first look at one.)


We want to get these out to backers as soon as possible. But if you did not pledge the project and you do want one, then you can order it for $12 + postage in the Erfworld Store only until Sunday, January 8.


If you did pledge the project (at $20+) and your address did not change in 2016, then you do not need to do anything else to get your copy. Your physical poster will be shipped out very soon, and links to the SFW and NSFW download versions went out to you in a backer-only update at literally the last minute of the year. Hope you all have a Hippie New Year. In other words, peace!


  • Doctor What

    About the download link in the e-mail for Kickstarter backers - the link goes to the normal erfworld site with a "page not found" message in the main content pane.

  • balder

    Yep, it's fixed now. Small privacy setting error, sorry.

  • ysath

     Is there any way to buy the digital versions for smuckers?

  • balder

    Sorry no, ysath. This is a kind of a compromise between keeping the Kickstarter exclusivity and allowing more people to see all this gorgeous work Xin put into this scene. The NSFW one especially needs to not get shared or sold. It's important to me that it remain something special just for the backers who helped us get through that tough time in 2015 and into the much much better spot we're in as we start 2017.

  • ysath

    Actually, figures I did back for this. It had been so long that I actually forgot what my backing was for haha

  • Chorakh

    Well how's that for a pleasant New Year's surprise? Thanks, guys!

  • Polvane the eraser


    I believe I did pledge to the 2015 calendar project.    I have the calendar at home anyway. 

    Does that mean backers get the 2017 calendar for free?

    When you say "address did not change in 2016", did you mean physical address or email address?

  • ArtyD

    Buying second to use because it's good to be Ruler.

  • Tathar

    Having a hard time purchasing with Shmuckers.  I sent a message up to sales about it.  

  • maestoso

    How should we let you know if we have changed our address, @balder?

  • ArtyD

    @Tathar: Shipping still is a cost.

  • Bandaid

    @Rob Balder

    I totally understand why you decided to not make the links available. However, as you yourself said, you already made a compromise.

    I realize that offering something exclusively is a major marketing tool, but how about this instead: If you make the next kickstarter or project or whatever do not make things exclusive. Tell everyone that things may or may not be available at a later date. If so, they will cost at least double of what original backers had to pay.

    That way, people who missed the original opportunity, for whatever reason, can still get it if they really want it. Having to pay double later should still be enough of an incentive to buy know.

    Also, here is a suggestion what you could have done instead of reaching that compromise on your own:

    You could have asked your 2015 backers if they are fine with making the pdfs available. For an inflated price, of course.

    Why did those people back you? To support Erfworld.

    What would have happened if you had made the decision to release the pdfs after consulting the backers: It would have supported Erfworld.

    I think most of them would have agreed.

    Anyway, some food for thoughts.

    Happy new year everyone,


  • Ansan Gotti (Tipped by 2 people!)

    @Tathar (and anyone else paying by Shmuckers)


    You need to apply them (up to the max 120 per calendar) and then after you see the revised cash total, toggle the radio button from paying by Shmuckers, to paying with PayPal, to pay for the last $4.00 of shipping (which can't be paid via Shmuckers). Hope that helps!

  • Dickie

    Happy Dance ... Thank you! I was wondering what calander to buy and couldn't face taking the old one down.

  • Slayorious

    What do we do if our address did change in 2016? I'm not sure what address the pin was shipped to.

  • Akkristor

    Oh boop.  I moved mid-2016.  I recieved my pin and calendar at my old apartment, now i'm at a house.

  • Neko

     2017 Calendar!  Groovy...

    Something else that might be cool (art team's time permitting), is to do one of those 16-mo "Academic" calendars that runs Aug 2017-Dec 2018.  That way you could kickstart it over the summer to have it shipped in time for the month of August, but then still have a viable market to sell to during the holiday season for those wanting a 2018 Erf calendar.  Also, to have something else to bring to Worldcon in Aug.  The art team of Xin+Lauri is SO FRIGGIN' AWESOME, I'm sure many would be willing to shell out good schmuckers to get their hands on that...I know I would.  :-)


  • Carl

    @Dickie: Totally agree. I backed just for the whole help out aspect and was a bit on the fence about a pin up calendar, but it ended up being more classical art than anything risque, i'd say this is more of the same BTW. Pass my compliments along to Xin again please :).

  • MegaManExpert

    @balder What if our address has changed since we got the calendar? I signed up with the playing cards with a new address and stuff. Should I send you or change something on Kickstarter so I get the new calendar?

  • Kyndrid

    I, too, moved in 2016 for work.  I join the others in asking what do we have to do to get our address changed?  This also affects the cards.  Gah!

  • Kyndrid

    Doesn't appear I can edit, so here's what I found at Kickstarter.  Go to your profile and click on Backed Projects.  Click on the appropriate campaign, then click on View Pledge.  Click on the Survey link and then click edit your address.  Hopefully that will take care of it for those of us who moved in 2016.  I changed each and every Backed Project where the Survey was still open - just in case.

  • Neko

    @Everyone Freaked Out b/c Their Address Has Changed -

    From the Kickstarter Project Update #5 Note sent 12/31/16:

    "Again, you are getting one of these mailed to you free if you pledged $20 or more. So you don't need to do anything except email us (gobwinknob@gmail) if your address has changed since you did your project survey."

  • NastySasquatch

    @ Bandaid haha, Rob doesn't actually want to run this like a business. He wants to run it like a hobby that kind of also makes him money. Some day Rob might grow into a real business man and realize that exclusivity only matters on the first run, or short term.

  • Ansan Gotti

    Nasty is an appropriate adjective, apparently. The team has found its groove and is firing on all cylinders, so why not let them run the business as they see fit, without the snide ("grow into a real business man") commentary?

    Anyone who reads the latest Kickstarter comments would see that Rob is EXCEEDINGLY open to constructive ideas and suggestions. Condescension, insults, and demands... not so much, I'd wager.

  • fey elija

    I did back that project but I don't remember the shipping address I used back then... Could you tell me so that I can review it? Thanks for everything! :)