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Since the Erfworld playing cards Kickstarter has hit our first stretch goal, we're going to be able to roll out many more virtual collectible 3D units created by Lauri (with help from Xin) in 2017.


These will pop randomly on the site, and you'll have the option to collect them (and be responsible for a tiny amount of upkeep in Shmuckers).



The Decrypted units are special, because they don't have upkeep. Backers at any pledge tier will get a never-before-seen-even-in-the-comic Decrypted Orly. These are Kickstarter exclusive units, and will never pop on the site.


So as the project winds down, please consider helping us meet our other stretch goal for gametable development. (If you ever want to play an Erfworld game, the gametable is the first step. More to come on that tomorrow.) Consider a $10 pledge for the e-rewards only, because even those are pretty sweet. Ya rly.


  • almondsAndRain

    @balder I pledged some money, what do I need to do so that you know which Kickstarter account is mine?

  • balder

    @almondsAndRain As soon as we're ready to ship rewards, a backer survey will be sent out and you can tell us your (very cool) username. Should be a few weeks after the project.

  • balder

    @ErebusVonMori Yes, we will build an exchange for users to trade and sell units to other users for Shmuckers. And for the most part, we will not sell the units to users, they'll just pop randomly. So even if you don't want to keep the unit, you may still want to claim it and put it into the marketplace. (Because maybe it's rare and somebody wants to give you 300 Shmuckers for it.)

    It's not intended to be a freemium thing or as a money-maker at all. It's more of a community fun thing that is a step in the direction of making a real game.

  • ErebusVonMori

    Thanks. I was thinking more selling them to other forumites to fund upkeep than in terms of freemium, already planning my strategy.