Friday the 13th Luckamancy

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By balder Comments (101)

I've said a few times that missing updates will occasionally happen, and that I won't always be able/willing to share the reasons for it. This is one of those times. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we won't be able to post an update today.


I realize that's frustrating to hear. If you are concerned, please don't worry. If you are angry, please be kind. If you have ideas for how we should be doing things differently, please express those the way that you would want to receive suggestions about how to do your own job. This was an unavoidable blip, and regular updates will resume on Tuesday. Thanks for understanding, and for reading and supporting Erfworld.


In the meantime, since these have been popular in the Toolbox, here's a for-everybody post of more of my terrible panel roughs from earlier in Book 3. See if you can identify the panel and page they were for.
































  • rstoffel

    please express those the way that you would want to receive suggestions about how to do your own job

    Wise words that can apply to so much for so many people.


    It's all good!  Hopefully your luckamancers have taken today's low luck to apply it for a future update!

  • TurtlesAWD

    This says monday but updates have switched to tuesday, right? Or did I miss something? Part of me assumes this was written before hand as a "just in case" message so as not to be doing it while in the midst of putting out fires and thus predates that change, but if that's inaccurate I'm curious what exactly is meant by that.

  • Sir Rigwald

    I don't know... if I can immediately identify Cammi-Vanna, I think you've got more art chops than you give yourself credit for, Rob!

  • elecampane


    Sketches definitely make this skip in updates far less frustrating! Two things:

    1) They would be even more hilarious in crayons

    2) I'm surprised I don't see more people make forum avatars out of these

  • OneHugeTuck (Tipped by 1 person!)

    Thanks for the early notification so I don't spend all day refreshing the page.

  • balder

    @TurtlesAWD Corrected to Tuesday, sorry. I was thinking of it as Monday at midnight.

  • ElKingo (Tipped by 7 people!)

    This reminds of time that the servers of the MMORPG Dungeons and Dragons online were down for longer than expected and the player base were getting annoyed. 

    I thought I'd help in an unofficial capacity by posting pictures of dogs wearing bee costumes (aka. beedogs) to the forum in the hopes of calming people down and cheering them up a bit. 

    It might surprise you to learn that it didn't help in the slightest. If anything, they seemed to get angrier that their complaints were not being met with assurances from forum moderators that their complaints were being listened to, but instead being met with pictures like this;


    bee dog


    Angry fan 1: "This is not acceptable from a proffessional (sic) D&D game"

    Me: "You still sound upset, did you not see the first beedog? Let me find another picture for you."

    Angry fan 1: "NO! Why are you doing this?"

    Me: Please be patient, those beedog pictures won't find themselves etc. etc.

    (That was actually a lie, I had a folder full of them from another, separate time when I needed a lot of pictures of beedogs)

  • Dusso

    @ElKingo I love it :)

  • TheFreeMason

    Not an angry comment, but a query; over Christmas you said that the missing holiday updates were not proof that you don't have a buffer - I understand and respect that you don't wish to disclose the reason for this update being missed but surely if there was indeed a buffer as recently as the holidays it would be difficult for you to have already run out of it! We want you to have a buffer for the selfish reason that we like getting our updates, but also because some of us read a lot of webcomics and have seen some of their creators become very stressed largely because they don't have a buffer, and we don't want that for you!

    So, no need to respond to this as I'm sure you're bored of comments about the buffer, but just a word of concern from a fan who has a lot of friends who gave up and never came back during one of the various pauses in this comic's history. 

    Also, just to end on a positive note - no matter how long it takes for you to be finished with Erfworld, no matter how many updates get missed or if there's more big breaks in the future, you'll always see my Toolbox subscription on the list. This is my favourite webcomic, and one of my favourite stories in any medium. Love and power to you Rob, and hope that everything is alright :) 

  • Slayorious

    Anyone getting angry about the lack of update has their priorities messed up. It's quite obviously in your interest to post updates on time, but you don't owe them to anyone. That being said, wasn't there supposed to be a backlog to help with unavoidable blips? Not asking to be a smart ass, I'm genuinely curious about it.

  • Slayorious

    Also, I would still like to be able to tip you with shmuckers every now and then for the posts you put up. I really love the last panel of Parson and Janis.

  • neogeo

    Dear Rob,


    It is totally okay to miss the update. The silly roughs and bee dog pictures makes today pleasantly okay.


    I can never thank you enough for penning such a phenomenal series,


  • OneHugeTuck

    "Also, just to end on a positive note - no matter how long it takes for you to be finished with Erfworld,"

    Edited for accuracy:  "Also...NEVER EVER EVER EVER finish ERFworld."

  • DarianRedwin

    Check me if I'm wrong, but didn't we get an update over the holidays that Rob had initially advised us we weren't getting? Or am I hallucinating?

    Way I see it, we're just balancing things out now. :)

  • NotABot

    Huh, did we not get an unexpected update on 30.12, when there was supposed to be none? By my count, you guys are on schedule...


    Have a great weekend!

  • Wii

    During Christmas, you said there is a buffer. I absolutely believe you. Today, an unforeseen circumstance prevents you from updating. I am not angry or disappointed.

    At this point I imagine the art is drawn in advance, then you personally add lettering/speech bubbles and some quality control; if you wrote Tuesday's page three weeks ago, for example, I can imagine a consistency check for today could be made to ensure it does not clash anywhere. Which would explain why even the buffer doesn't help, because you ensure each page is the most up-to-date it can be on the day it is due. Is that correct?

    Reframed: I currently gather it is your commitment to providing the highest quality you can, and avoiding inconsistencies, which is the cause for these sometimes misses?

    While I would've loved to read Erfworld today, I understand missing a day hurts you and your staff much more than us (financially). 

    I trust you want to deliver us the best Erfworld you possibly can.

  • wolfpax181

    I come from the era of Dead Piro Days.  Given, I also come from the (still current) era of Schlock Mercenary never having missed a single update.  You're all far better than Piro, even if you missed pulling off a Howard.

  • charles

    Here's hoping that life's hardships ease up on you and that this skip gives you some small measure of respite from the relentless workload and stresses.


    Best wishes and support to you and the rest of the hard working mob that make up team Erfworld!

  • Tensor

    "If you have ideas for how we should be doing things differently, please express those the way that you would want to receive suggestions about how to do your own job."

    a) Not sure why you ask this, because the answer is have a buffer.

    b) You said last miss that even though it's a miss, that "doesn't mean we don't have a buffer," which implies you have/had one, but are choosing not to use it.

    You asked.

  • El Chupacabra (Tipped by 2 people!)

    I'm having problems understanding today's story, especially panel 6.

  • falcore51


    Frankly I know you have been busy with the kickstarter and you are a perfectionist which I applaud.  Really I don't expect you to make it up to us for missing and update.  If you would like to console me some how I would love an extra hour of your time this week using the canonize hammer in the wiki.  Also I think you still might be the better artist between the two of us so bravo on your sketches.  

  • CDS

    Will you be kickstarting a the Erfworld books with your drawings? I think there is a niche for the drawings that represent the depth of insanity as well as these do. tongue-out


    I really hope everyone on team Erf is safe and well and this missed update isn't signifying anyone being in a less than well state. If they are my sympathy and respects go to them and hope they're in a better state soon. I can 100% respect an employer respecting the privacy of the team (and it is an admirable quality) and we'll see you all next update.



  • Aximilli540

    No one dies over a missed update. Just take care of yourselves, that is always more important. 

    Take care :)

  • Pine (Tipped by 1 person!)

    The prospect of getting upset at Team Erfworld missing an update is like getting upset at your heroine bud dealer for not having any on them. I'll still be back, and I'd still do unspeakable things to get my next fix.