Friday the 13th Luckamancy

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By balder Comments (101)

I've said a few times that missing updates will occasionally happen, and that I won't always be able/willing to share the reasons for it. This is one of those times. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we won't be able to post an update today.


I realize that's frustrating to hear. If you are concerned, please don't worry. If you are angry, please be kind. If you have ideas for how we should be doing things differently, please express those the way that you would want to receive suggestions about how to do your own job. This was an unavoidable blip, and regular updates will resume on Tuesday. Thanks for understanding, and for reading and supporting Erfworld.


In the meantime, since these have been popular in the Toolbox, here's a for-everybody post of more of my terrible panel roughs from earlier in Book 3. See if you can identify the panel and page they were for.
































  • ElKingo

    Despite the demands I haven't packed the thread with a repeat of my D&D online forum performance by posting beedogs all weekend.

    As I mentioned previously, some people tend to get really upset if you're engaging with them in their complaints (and to some extent that's what I'd be doing) but your only counter to them is a picture of a beedog along with bee and/or dog related puns interspersed between them. Even though trolling is a art, I don't do it intentionally any more. 

    However, now that normal service has bee-n resumed (see? It was like that, in every reply, as often as possible) I feel comfortable enough to hopefully cap off the thread with one final Beedog and a huzzah for the new page.

    Many thanks for the tips. I will spread them out for people more deserving in the community streams I think.


    (Honestly, white hot fury in my DDO private messages, I've never encountered rage like it)