Wanda's Last Supper

I was inspired to create this image of Wanda and some of her beloved decrypted units since she is scheduled to be executed in the near future.  I figured she could have one last get-together with her re-popped followers.


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  • cloudbreaker

    Also, there is a downloadable version on my DeviantArt page here: http://fav.me/daw47hp

  • HighJumper

    She really set herself up for that. 

    Nice job.

  • Spicymancer

     Now all we need is a Dan Brown novel to help decrypt da Wanda Code! 

  • Salvage

    One tip for your Last Supper. One for your profile picture. Enjoyed both quite a bit.

  • ThisIsNotDan (Tipped by 2 people!)

    I forget which character in the original painting is Judas, but it would have been awesome to put Ossomer in his place.

  • Keighvin1

    It appears that Jack is in the Judas location

  • DukeBG

    This is too good!

  • Xeranar

    I positively love the post but the placement of characters seems kind of more or less subjective in relationship to the biblical ones.

    Jack is definitely not Judas.

    Lady whats her name isn't Peter.

    But she hits it on the head with Thomas (the doubting FF5 turned archon)

    But hey, I'm always appreciative of art either way.  :D  It's quite a nice little piece.

  • Jade

    Love the idea and art, good work! :D

  • cloudbreaker

    Thank you for the comments and tips everyone!  I truly appreciate them.  

    @Xeranar: Yeah, other than Wanda the characters' placements have no real significance related to the original religious figures in The Last Supper.  I mostly chose who would go where based on who I thought would look good in that particular pose.

  • Xeranar

    @Cloudbreaker - I totally got that.  It really makes for a nice appearance. :)

  • Lheticus

     @ThisIsNotDan BOOPIT, ya beat me to it!

  • charles

    Awesome work Cloudbreaker.


    Although, despite not intending which character relates to which religious figure, I'd argue that Jack is probably the closest among them to a possible Judas from those who could attend the last supper with Ansome as a close second.


    Ossomer is obviously the best, considering his turning back, but also isn't alive to attend... Georgia Power is probably croaked as well by now but at least it's the same day.

  • Godsire

    Very nice, tipped!

  • BakaGrappler

    This guy just won a Dwagon Plushie.  No contest.

  • glodart (Tipped by 1 person!)

    Fun fact: it's reverse jesus imagery, since wanda did not come back from the dead while they all did.

    dun dun duuun