Choose your own adventure: Nagash part 1

I have always been a fan of the choice your own adventure books. As I was writing this a buddy of mine. Who was nice enough to edit this fanfic for me. Suggested I make this story a choose your own adventure. Letting the readers choose where the story goes. So that's what this story is. At the end of the chapter you will be given two or three options to pick from. Most votes determine what Nagash does next. Votes will be based on comments. Please feel free to ask questions about the units specials, items, or anything else. Enjoy! 




The first thing Nagash experienced was darkness. A darkness so complete and so enveloping it seemed an almost physical barrier around him. He felt at peace in the dark. Almost as if it was where he belonged, but he need to see where he was. With slight regret Nagash intoned in a low harsh voice. Almost like sandpaper running along an old rough piece of wood.


" Mon lite"


A power ball appeared in his hand filling the large chamber with a pale silvery light. As Nagash looked around he realized he had popped under ground and not just underground Nagash had popped in a tomb. Nagash was not alone. Standing behind him were seven skeletal warriors wearing leather armor. The Skeletons were also carrying large wicker shields and curved slashing swords. Behind them was a pale hunched over humanoid with clawed hands and sharp teeth. It’s skin pulled tight over its bones.


Nagash’s croakamancy senses told him these were uncroaked. However they didn’t belong to him. This was unacceptable. As the skeletons began to advance. The ghowl stayed near the back with a greedy gleam in his red little eyes. Nagash raised his Staff pouring juice into a spell and as he did channeled it thru the staff.



With a flash of Purple light from his staff Nagash felt his stack increase by seven. He had claimed the skeletal warriors, but the ghowl had resisted him. Nagash reviewed the stabbers stats as he gave them a silent order.


Type Combat Defense Hits Move Level Upkeep Special



2 2 5 8 1 8





Nagash knew the Petrified Special would keep the skeletons from degrading. This was excellent the thought, it wouldn’t due for his new tomb guard to fall apart on him. He would look into how to make more later. Nagash looked up as his skeletons finished their task. The Skeletons had all tackled the Ghowl. Pinning it to the ground. The Ghowl had fought back and destroyed one of the Stabbers, but that was fine. It had done its duty. Giving a silent order Nagash had the Skeletons force the Ghowl to its knees. It felt right to have his enemies kneel before him. Nagash raised his staff ready to croak the Ghowl, but the fear in it’s eyes gave him another idea. Slowly lowering the staff. Nagash stated


“You will answer my questions!” Nagash’s tone making it clear it was a statement not a question.

Seeing the cunning and hopeful look in the ghowls eyes. The skeleton gave the ghowls arm a hard twist. The ghowl quickly stammered out.

“ Of course great one!”

“ How much of this area have you explored?”

“Most of it great one this is the last chamber in the Tombs, but there are many. Yes! I could show you. Yes! Guide you thru the Tombs to the surface! Can show you the tomb’s secret’s. Yes! Yes! Can be of great help t…...
Nagash smiled at the creatures ramblings. It was not a pleasant smile. Nagash could see the fear return to its eyes.
“Why haven’t you searched it all?” Nagash’s biting tone cutting off the creatures rant!”


“Orc’s great one. They hold the far chamber in the tombs Great one. Filthy orc’s they don’t even taste good. Good for nothing, orcs filthy, crazy, orc’s! If i could I would…..”


Another twist of the arm shut the Ghowl up. Nagash needs to think and its constant chatter wasn’t helping. Having a guide would be helpful and While this Ghowl was annoying, having another unit capable of speech and thinking would be helpful.
“ How many orcs?”


“No more than ten Great one” The ghowl quickly said, then forcibly shut its mouth. Showing it could learn.
Ten might be a little much for just him and six skeletal stabbers. Having decided and with just a little regret. Nagash gave the Ghowl another smile, less cold this time.

“What’s your name?”

“Gorem great one!” hope once again returning to its eyes.

“Gorem you will serve me.” Imparting the unspoken request for Gorem to join his stack.

“Of course great one!” As Gorem allied with Nagash. The shackles disappeared and Nagash could see his stats


Type Combat Defense Hits Move Level Upkeep Special
Ghowl 4 3 8 10 1 90 Advanced uncroaked,
Spawn, Paralyze,


Nagash considered Gorems abilities as he gave order for the for his new units to search the room. The Advanced uncroaked special, explained why the ghowl was intelligent “well at least capable of thought” and would keep it from degrading over over time. The paralyze special gave it a chance to paralyze any living unit stuck by the Ghowl. The hunger special was both a curse and a blessing. The ghowl had an insatiable lust for flesh of Humanoid units, but it could also reduce its upkeep by eating the flesh of humanoid creatures. The Spawn special had real potential.

Any Humanoid creature croaked by the Ghowl had a chance of rising again as another ghowl. Closing Gorems stat block, Nagash decided to open up his own stat block while his minions finished their search.

Name Type Combat Defense Hits Move Level Upkeep
Nagash Lich 2 2 8 8 1 150
Juice Specials Equipment
40/100 Advanced uncroaked, Noble,
recroak, Caster: Croakamancy Novice
Staff of Ancients
Purse: 500



Upkeep… with himself, Gorem, and the Skeletons he had a per turn cost of 288 Shmuckers. So he had enough for upkeep this turn and for most of his minions for next turn. Nagash could spread that out a little if he could find something for Gorem too eat.
As Nagash turned the staff over in this hand reading the stats as he went.
Staff of Ancients: +3 on Croakamancy spells, +2 on Shockamancy spells, Minor reduction in all spell casting cost, +1 weapon, juice storage 0/1000.
Nagash’s stack returned to him not having found anything. Nagash thought about his next move.


Choice your path

1) Go after the orcs

2)Find a way out of the ruins