Choose your own adventure: Nagash part 2

Part two of the Nagash choose your own adventure. Going after the orcs won. By a vote of nine to one. In addition to the vote's where to take the story. I'm taking suggestions on what to do with the bodies! Enjoy!



Deciding that leaving the orcs wasn’t really an option. They were a threat and they needed to be put in their place. Made to kneel before him. Besides he could always use more minions. Unlike normal uncroaked which dusted after they were destroyed. Skeletal warriors bones and equipment remained after they were destroyed. Nagash ordered his warriors to gather up what was left of his fallen warrior. He could make use of it later.


After that was finished Nagash had his stack form up.


“Lead me to the orcs Gorem.” Nagash ordered.


“Of course Great One!”


As they marched Nagash had his troops search each room. Making sure nothing was left behind.  As Gorem predicted there wasn’t anything of value to find. About halfway to the orcs as the tomb guard was searching the room, Nagash turned to Gorem


“Gorem tell me about the Orcs”


“They are powerful warriors Great One! They can keep fighting, even from wounds that would croak a normal unit and they can enter a powerful fighting rage. That makes them more powerful, but easier to hit.”


Nagash thought it over for a few rounds “Any weaknesses?”


“They are stupid Great One, prone to acting without thinking. They also do not like bright light.”


The beginning of a plan was now forming in Nagashs mind, but something was missing.


“How do you know all this Gorem?”


Gorem looked a little nervous about this question, but under Nagashs glare he sputtered out “I fought them last turn Great One!” The distress in the Ghowls voice was like music to Nagashs ears. “I had two stacks of Skeletons and another Ghowl with me. The Orcs proved more powerful than we thought. I only escaped because I knocked over a brazier. The flash of light plus the coals kept the orcs from pursuing me Great One!” The fear in Gorems eyes was apparent.


Nagash let the Ghowl squirm under his gaze for a few rounds before saying.


“You will have a chance to redeem yourself soon Gorem. Do not fail me!”


With that said Nagash ordered his stack forward.


“Of course Great One! Thank you Great One!” Practically crawling on his belly as he followed his master. A cold smile touched Nagash’s lips as he continued forward.


“The Orcs are in the next chamber Great one!”


“Very Well Gorem this is what we will do.”


As Nagash outlined his plan, a cruel smile grew on the Ghowls face. As Nagash dimmed the Power Ball.


    Skeletons, could be remarkably quiet if they were ordered to. No breathing or heartbeat. Just the low steady sound of feet as they snuck forward. Up ahead Nagash could see a cooking fire. Nagash ordered his troops to pick up the pace. As his forces entered the room. Nagash got his first look at the enemy. Just as Gorem had predicted there were only ten Orcs in the room. Two were near the entrance standing guard, five more were eating or tending to their gear, the other three were sleeping. As Nagash entered the room. He raised his hand, willing the Power Ball to its maximum illumination. The flash of light blinded Nagash temporarily, as his sight returned he saw his tactics had paid off.


    The flash of light had blinded the two Orc’s standing guard. They had been easy prey for his tomb guard and both had been cut down quickly. Gorem had dashed to the side and struck one of the Orc’s that had been eating. The Orc had slumped to the ground paralyzed by the Ghowls claws. Now the odds were in Nagashs favor, but surprise was no longer on his side. The four Orc’s that had been awake quickly climbed to their feet and rushed Nagashs forces. Letting out a battle cry as they struck. The three that had been asleep were slower on the up take, but would join the battle soon enough. Pressing the advantage. Nagash ordered his forces forward.


    Gorem with the help of two Skeleton Warriors was able to croak one of the Orc’s. Ripping its throat out with a swipe of his claws. While the other four stabbed into one Orc, but despite its gaping wounds, the Orc stayed on his feet. Nagash took the opportunity rush over to the paralyzed Orc and take it prisoner. The remaining Orcs had now grabbed their weapons and gotten to their feet. At the rear of the room was a truly massive Orc. Easily a full head taller than the rest of the Orcs, with slabs of muscle rippling under his skin. This was clearly the Orcs Chieftain. With a deafening battle cry the Chieftain lead the rest of the Orcs into the fight.  Smashing two of his tomb guard into pieces and damaging two more.


The battle had quickly turned against him. Orcs were truly impressive physical creatures. While the odds were even, the Orcs battle prowess was greater than his own troops. Drawing on his remaining juice and channeling it through the staff. Nagash combined both Shockamancy and Croakamancy into the spell.


“Soul Reaper!” Nagash screamed to be heard over the Orc’s


Nagash ripped the life force from one Orc, croaking it instantly. Channeling the energy he sent it flying at the Orc Chieftain. The blast slammed into the Chieftains chest and sent it flying across the room. The remaining Orcs even in their mindless rage were stunned by their leader being taken down. Gorem and the remaining skeletons took vicious advantage of this. Cutting down three of them before they could respond. The remaining Orcs fought on destroying two more of his skeletons before the battle was won. Gorem had managed to paralyze and capture another of the orc’s as well. As the battle ended Nagash felt himself level. He gained some more juice and felt both his combat and defense increase by one.


Nagash quickly inspected the room, eager to find what the Orc’s were so interested in.  He started with the Orc Chieftain. Nagash was surprised to find that the Orc had merely been knocked out by the blast and not croaked. Hardy creatures indeed! Deciding quickly, Nagash took the Orc chief prisoner.  Ordering his two remaining Skeletal warriors to stand guard over the three Orcs. Nagash turned to Gorem. Gorem who had also leveled was standing over the Orc he had croak. Just as Nagash was about to ask what he was doing. He felt his stack increase by one. As the slain orc rose as a new ghowl.


Deciding quickly, he had the Skeletons throw one of the orcs into the center of the room.


“Gorem turn that one as well. After that you three may feast on the croaked orcs.”


“ Of course great one! Thank you Great One!”


Turning to the second Orc prisoner, Nagash could see the fear in its eyes. Nagash formed his juice into another spell. Similar to the one he had used on the Orcs in battle. Taking his time Nagash intoned his spell.


“Soul Devour”


Ripping out the Orcs life force Nagash consumed it, lowering his upkeep for the turn and charging his staff a little. Nagash thought about doing the same to the Orc Chieftain, but decided he had better use for such an impressive creature. Turning to the last item of interest in the room and the reason the Orcs had camped out here. In the center of the room was a large chest made of black iron. Based on the shattered weapons and tools around the chest, the Orcs had been unsuccessful in opening it. The chest didn’t have a mark on it. Nagash laid his hand on the chest and was surprised when it instantly popped open.  Almost like it had been waiting for him.


Nagash opened the chest and quickly surveyed the contents. They seemed strangely familiar to him. Inside was a small coffer, inside of which was a small fortune in gems. About 10,000 Shmuckers worth in total. The second item was a large map. Detailing the hexes surrounding the ruins. The map detailed two capital sites. One deep in a desert over 50 hexes away. The other was thirty hexes away. Near a large mountain.


The third item was a set of rich robes. After picking them up Nagash could feel the magic coursing through them. The fourth was a magical ring. The last item was under the robes. This was a large journal, covered in pale leather.


Nagash slowly picked up the journal which again seem strangely familiar to him. As did the symbol on its cover. Nagash flipped to the first page and began reading. If he had a beating heart it would have stopped right then. The first line read.

Greetings Nagash,


Option 1 go to the capital in the desert

Option 2 go to the capital near the mountain

Option 3 Remain in the area around the ruins.


  • falcore51

    Option 3,  gather our forces.

  • etherkye

    We all know Nagash rose to power in the desert, and then abandoned that home for a mountain one when people turned against him. He should go back to where he was turned into the god of undead that he is in the desert.

  • BrimStone

    Option 3.  We should get a bit stronger first before traveling.

  • Deck of Cards

    Option 3: We need to build up, more uncroaked, charge our staff, relearn what we once knew. Then we can go claim a captial site, occupied or not.

  • SomeGuy411

    Enslave the orc chief, he shall prove useful. While I ultimately think visiting the mountains will prove beneficial (even if the warpstone cache and the like that allowed him to truly become the god of undeath he ended as aren't there, it's incredibly defensible and probably can be mined for gems), I vote 3. Nothing to say there aren't still Tomb Guard to....return to the fold.

  • Heffenfeffer

    I'd say Option 1 - as all the units are immune to the punishment of the dessert. But do a cursory search around the tomb to see if there's a giant spoon. That will help with all the cake and ice cream.


  • awai

    Remain in the Ruins, learn more, locate the secret rooms.

    I am wondering though how Gorum arranged his upkeep for him and the skeletons before Nagash came into play.

  • cypermancer

    Good question

  • Chef Lurker

    Option 3 would be my counsel. No future undead Overlord every got anywhere without an army and a plan. Nagash has neither at the moment.

  • cypermancer

    currently working on part 3 should be up today or tomorrow