Choose your own adventure: Nagash part 3

Ruins won by an overwhelming majority.


Nagash part 3

    The turn ended without Nagash really noticing other than feeling his purse reduced to pay the skeletons upkeep. The orc had awoken at some point and started to yell at Nagash, but Nagash didn’t have time for him. So he muzzled the orc. The orc could wait. All that mattered was the journal. The journal was written in his own hand. Well a previous popped versions hand. The journal had told him what his Recroak special really did. Any time Nagash was croaked, he would repop fifty to a hundred turns later.  Nagash could repop at any of over fifty different ruins spread throughout Erfworld. So one of his previous incarnations had set up cashes. Like this one to give him a leg up on refounding his empire.


    That was interesting all by itself, but the real treasure inside the journal was knowledge. Secrets of both Croakamancy and Shockamancy. Designs for new uncroaked and new spells filled the pages. Nagash read through the night. As he progressed through the journal he classed up  class up twice. First as a Adept Croakamancer. Then as a Novice Shockamancer. So engrossed was Nagash. That when the turn began it came as a complete shock him. With his juice now full.  Nagash reluctantly put the journal down. He still had over half of it left, but now was time to put his new talents to use.


    Standing up he looked at the three Ghowls. They were standing next to the bodies of the croaked orcs. With an eager look in their eyes. Three, well three and a half of the Orcs still had flesh. With a wave of his hand. Nagash gave them permission to feast.


“Gorem come see me when you're finished.”


“Of course great one!” as the Ghowl lept on a body.


Turning to the orc. Nagash waved his hand and removed the muzzle.


“What is your name Orc?” Nagashs voice was devoid of any emotion.


The orc just stared at Nagash with murder in his eyes


“ I will make this simple Orc you will serve me one way or another. Among the living with a chance to refound your tribe or…."


Nagash left the rest unsaid, but motioned to the Ghowls the message was clear. The Orc could serve living or dead. It mattered little to Nagash. The Orc looked like he might resist for a moment, but then his resolve crumbed and he said.


“Thoc…. Great one.” The Orc obviously taking cues from Gorem.


Nagash nodded once. Before saying.

“Are there any other tribes or barbarians in the area Thoc?”


“There is a Tribe of Eager Elves.  They have a village six hexes North of the ruins. There were over thirty of them, but that was ten turns ago. There is also a tribe of Superfluous Elves five hexes South East of here. Their village is set up on the coast. Not sure how many.” Thoc paused for a second before saying “Great one” The hatred in the orcs voice was clear, when he was talking about the elves. It made Nagash smile, here was a simple creature of violence and bloodshed. Nagash had uses for such a creature.


“Thoc serve me and I will offer you two things. First we will destroy both of the elf tribes down to the last! Second you will be the chief of a new tribe and will be a natural ally for my empire. Do you accept my terms? ”


The stupid grin on the Orc’s face was answer enough but Thoc said.


“Yes, Great one I will join you!”


Nagash removed the chains and felt his stack increased by one. Diplomacy it was a magic all unto itself. Turning to Gorem, Nagash pulled a ring out of the pocket of his new robes.


“Now for my faithful servant, your actions in the last battle served me well, and you shall be rewarded.”

Nagash handed Gorem the ring.


”Put it on Gorem”


The Ghowl placed the ring on his hand and vanished from sight. Nagash had thought about keeping the Foolamancy ring. The journal said it was one of a kind, but Nagash decided it would be better to have an invisible scout. Also with Gorems ability to paralyze. It seemed a good fit to Nagash with the added benefit that Gorem would have to remain quiet while the ring was on. A few moments latter Gorem reappeared and fell to his knees in front of Nagash.


“ Thank you Great One!”


Nagash waved his hand as if it was nothing.


“ Go scout the ruins Gorem I have work to do.”


Gorem wandered towards the exit, muttering about his new precious ring. Looking over the available materials, Nagash thought about what to make.

A) 7 Skeletal Warriors ( Orc bodies) uses 140 of Nagashs 200 JP
B) 1 Bone giant (Uses 10 bodies) uses 150 of Nagashs 200 JP
C) Your own idea!


A list of Nagashs current forces!


Name Type Combat Defense Hits Move Level Upkeep
Nagash Lich 3+1 3+3 8 8 2


Juice Specials Equipment

Advanced uncroaked,  Noble, recroak,

Caster: Croakamancy: Adept, Shockamacy: Novice

Staff of ancients

ceremonial robes +3


Gorem Equipment: The One Ring

Type Combat Defense Hits Move Level Upkeep Specials
Ghowl 5 3 9 11 2 100

Advanced uncroaked,

Spawn, Paralyze,



Ghowls X2

Type Combat Defense Hits Move Level Upkeep Specials
Ghowl 4 3 8 10 1 90

Advanced uncroaked,

Spawn, Paralyze,


Skeletal Warriors X2

Type Combat Defense Hits Move level Upkeep Specials



2 2 5 8 1 8




Thoc  Equipment: Great axe, crude armor



















Light sensitivity




A) 7 Skeletal Warriors ( Orc bodies) uses 140 of Nagashs 200 JP
B) 1 Bone giant (Uses 10 bodies) uses 150 of Nagashs 200 JP
C) Your own idea!



  • etherkye

    To early to have a bone giant if you have no troops to protect it's rear or flank.


    Probably best to raise them as skeletons to have a full stack of them for fighting.


    And I think upkeep is paid at the start of turn, not the end.

  • SomeGuy411

    Would make sense for upkeep to be payed at start of turn, given otherwise you have to earmark funds and pretend you don't have it anyway most of the time.

    Skeletal warriors would be nice, we've lost too much of our fodder. Barring someone coming up with a good C, I'm in favour of A (though some kind of skeletal snake golem made from the bones of a few corpses could be an interesting experiment, and would probably end up able to grapple foes....not practical yet if possible due to limited support though)

    Invisible unit that can spawn more by killing. Great. Seriously, that is. Ambush lone enemies, kill them, let spawn. do this a few times without being noticed, and we suddenly have an actual force behind enemy lines. Only issue is it hadn't shown the cunning to do this without clear instruction yet. Always in favour of units that spawn more units. Once you hit a critical mass you make units faster than you lose them and start rolling over enemy forces

  • awai

    Curious how much upkeep a bone giant would be, but better to have more minions, so options A .....for now.


    Agree that upkeep is at start of turn.


  • BrimStone

    I would vote C for now, this would still give us 1 full stack.

  • Deck of Cards

    I vote C. Make some cheap spine snakes and save your juice for experiments to further your research. 

  • falcore51

    I think it should be a stack of skeletons with some special.  Maybe flaming skeletons some sort of shockamancy/croakamancy upgraded skeletons.  He did spend a ton of time reading the journal.  

  • cypermancer

    In the comic jillian while she is an escaped prisioner pays her upkeep through out the day. With rations. Also several fanfic do it this way.  That just my opinion on it.

  • etherkye

    They eat rations throughout the day to reduce the upkeep they'll need to pay at the start of turn, which is also when they get healed and cleaned.


    Also it would make sense that he would only notice how long he had been reading at the start of turn when he felt the smuckers decrease.