Never forget! We may not have Healomancy, and Shmuckers will do no more than spread the message, but with enough support we may be able to rig the incapacitation rules!


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  • Lheticus

    Bat 11. A real Erfworldian hero.

  • Xarx

    So brave.

  • Crisis21


  • Carl

    Hahaha +1

  • Spicymancer (Tipped by 1 person!)

    I have prepared a plate of delicious mosquitos and (raw) ram horn for our brave Doombat 11 to snack on while recovering.

  • Newton Stand

    *claps hands*

    I believe in bats!

  • Beeskee

    I firmly believe that a plot twist will show that Bat 11 is the real protagonist.

  • Chris Goodwin

    (singing)  In the arrrrrrrrrms of an Archon....

  • Puddleglum

    A <3 for bats!

  • PleaseDontYellAtMe

    Long life and high levels to Bat 11!

  • HighJumper

    The campaign is more successful than anticipated!

    Thank you, Titans, for noticing our humble efforts to save Bat 11. May Healomancy be granted, but if that be contrary to thy will, may we soon have bats of plush to remember the fallen. 

  • tomaO2

    bat 11 has been a character in the story since book 1 epilogue, where Vinnie caught and tamed him.


    We can't let this bat died, after he has been through so much!

  • HighJumper

    When preparing this campaign, I considered the records of all bats connected with Vinny Doombats. As an unqualified researcher, I am of the opinion that the event that tomaO2 has linked involves an albino bat by the name of Bat 4, so named because of the loss of all but three of Vinny Doombats' doombats in preceding turns. The Signamantic discrepancies may be those of feral and tamed bats, but although I also had that initial impression, I now think Bat 4 may only be connected to what is CLEARLY THE MOST IMPORTANT UNIT IN ALL ERFWORLD as a jacketmate, or possibly a mentor in The Way of the Doombat.

  • Zeal

    Heeeeeeeeeeey batter, batter, batter, batter, live batter!

    He's got no hits, no hits, no hits, no hits, live batter!


    Get well soon, Bat 11. You're a good bat and you'll be needed when it comes time to fight the Western Giants.

  • dedlea

    We're with ya 'Leven. Bats for the dark, bats for the night. Save the bats, allow their flight!

  • kaylasdad99 (Tipped by 1 person!)

    "Friendly solider?"


    I'm gonna have to vote "no" on rigging the incapacitation rules. Sure, the little fella is cute and all, but I honestly feel that Vinny's ministrations should be enough to see him through to the next Turn.

    Anyway, not a big fan of fan service. And even if I was, I'd get more satisfaction out of a scene where Vinny confronts Caesar mourning the loss of Bunny.

    Vinny: You think you're the only one that's grievin'? IZZAT WHAT YOU THINK?

    He really sells that line, you know?

  • totalnerduk

    "We may not have Healomancy, and Shmuckers will do no more than spread the message"

    "(NOTE: User was awarded 25 shmuckers for this post. -Rob)"


    Well. It looks like somebody didn't read before commenting. :p

  • thatonesungod

    get well soon bat 11

  • IODQ

    Get well Bat! :)

  • Cheez

    <3 for Bats!

  • Dormninja

    We believe in you, Bat 11. A prime number makes a prime bat.

  • Melendwyr

    Save Ferr-- I mean, Bat-11!

  • StClair

    Bat 21 is also in trouble, but Birddog is looking out for him.

  • Blagan Hyrede

    Bat 11 will