Never forget! We may not have Healomancy, and Shmuckers will do no more than spread the message, but with enough support we may be able to rig the incapacitation rules!


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  • OneHugeTuck (Tipped by 1 person!)

    Bat 11 needs to be a collectible unit.

    Balder needs a new transmission.

    Kickstarter time.


    There are no problems, only solutions.

  • HighJumper

    Thanks for catching the typo. I was trying really hard not to type Soildier

    I at least don't know enough about incapacitation to risk voting yes. I want Bat 11 to survive, and I certainly hope Vinny's help will be enough, but if I can get more assurance, even by waving a funny poster in front of the Titans, I'll try for it. No one's forcing you to participate.

    I have to ask, though, if you're not a fan of fan service, why do you like Erfworld? There's enough layers of cameo, homage, and parody to have driven anyone away who can't laugh at it. I'm also slightly confused, as your preferred situation is itself a meta-reference.

    If you're interested in replying, a private message would be nice. Let's step outside a harmless rally to discuss its uselessness.

  • HighJumper
    I'd be more circumspect in accusing a Titan of illiteracy. :)
    And the publishing that went with those shmuckers did more to spread the message than anything else.
  • Darth Curious (Tipped by 2 people!)

    Bat Lives Matter

  • mrgrooism

    It is my sincere hope that eventually Bat 11 will have the opportunity to spin off his own allied side.

  • Commarchinin


    So odds are Caesar isn't going to pop that heir... Which leaves TV heirless.

    I nominate Bat 11 for the role. 

  • arin (Tipped by 1 person!)

    They can repop him, they have the treasury...

    they can make him with more move, with more hits, a superior bat...

    a full on humanoid unit...

    a six schmucker Bat-Man... 

  • kaylasdad99 (Tipped by 1 person!)

    Don't take me too seriously, Highjumper. :)

  • HighJumper

    It's Bat 11. It's a serious subject. :)

  • Gallows_Humor (Tipped by 1 person!)

    By Grabthar's hammer, by the suns of Worvan, you shall be avenged.

  • Salvage

    Thank you for the shoutout, I was surprised.

     Sorry to havew messed with you. Thanks for reading.

  • Neko (Tipped by 1 person!)

    Can I haz Bat 11 Plushie plz?  So Hero. Much remembering Bat 11.

  • PrinceRohan

    Dear Titans

    It's time for this little hero to LEVEL!  And let's give him a name, I vote for Bruce Wayne. 

    Best Regards,


    P.S.  Let the merchandising begin.

  • Servaya

    In the arms of an angel, fly away from here...

  • Sir Dr D

    Should we give bat 11 a name, or will it just be bat 11?

  • TheWanderin

    Words fail me - may you recover soon, Bat 11.

  • ubernubie

    bat 11.  +1 so he'd now be either 12 or 111...

  • glodart


  • decius

    Clearly it deserves at least a name. He is more than his number, that Numeronce (nu-mer-OWN-say)

  • Mad Humanist

    Talking of Page 233, I'm still wondering how that game of cards went,

  • herzogbrian

    I was always more of a fan of BAT 69...

  • ShaneTheBrain

    Can a bat be brave if he is also afraid?

    That is the only time a bat CAN be brave.

    Space Bat

  • ShaneTheBrain

    It's the hard knocks life, for bats.

    Now go delay that terrible danger

  • JackSantore

    I want to see a Bat 11 and Mary Sagittari side adventure.


    Zhopa can give them some wise mentoring, and then they set off for a grand journey! Love will be found, allies made, enemies croaked....imagine the possibilities!