Choose your own adventure: Nagash part 4

Sorry this took so long, been busy with other projects. Also its short, Mostly to give you all the choice. Two choices this time, enjoy!

Nagash part 4



Nagash had spent most of the turn carefully uncroaking the orcs.  Creating uncroaked was an area of his craft that Nagash had a lot of practical knowledge, but no real experience. Nagash took his time enjoying bring movement back to the lifeless bones of his slain enemies and using it to increase his own personal power. Nagash knew this was something he would enjoy for many turns to come.  Using his enemy’s lives to sustain himself, their deaths to increase his experience, their flesh to feed his followers, and their bones to create his army.



Nagash had just finished his work and was thinking of what to do with the rather large pile of bones he still had. When Gorem returned to the chamber with four skeletal archers.  Gorem explained feral uncroaked didn’t auto attack each other and generally auto stacked with each other. Gorem as an advanced uncroaked had easily stacked with the group of skeletal archers and claim them. The tombs seemed to also randomly pop uncroaked. Gorem had also found a small chamber containing twenty bodies.

Nagash decided to move camp to the burial chamber; too more easily uncroak the bodies next turn. As they walked Nagash thought over his current resources. Nagash currently had five units who could lead a stack himself, Gorem, Thoc, and the two other Ghowls. Each could lead seven other units which put his current cap at thirty five. Nagash wanted to leave Gorem free to run about the battle field and scout, which left him 15 spots to fill. Upkeep not really being an issue, for a while anyway. Nagash decided to take his time. Flush out his stacks with random uncroaked pops, the eight from the chamber, and maybe a few designs from the journal. Settling down in his new camp, Nagash open the journal to the next section. Which to Nagashs great surprise was about Date-a-mancy.


Three turns later, Nagashs forces were ready to march.  Nagashs stack contained 4 skeletal archers, Nagashs original two skeletal warriors, and a covered walking pavilion made of bone, skin, and cloth. While the Pavilion wasn’t a mount it would carry the two great clay pots Nagash had fashioned and shield Nagash from the sun’s harsh rays. A weakness the journal had warned him about. Gorem would be unstacked and acting as a scout. Thoc would be leading the insert name stack, while the other two Ghowls would be leading the rest. With a silent order Nagashs forces began to march.

Pick which stack the Thoc will lead
A) Assault stack- Made up of seven uncroaked Orcs.  These uncroaked have higher combat, but lower defense. This stack will lead the charge.
B) Reserve stack- Made up of seven skeletal warriors. This is the second wave.
C) Archer stack- Made up of 3 skeletal warriors and 4 skeletal archers. Ranged support and screen for Nagashs stack.

Which elves to attack
A) Eager elves
B) Superfluous elves


Forces as they stand

Name Type Combat Defense Hits Move Level Upkeep
Nagash Lich 3+1 3+3 8 8 2


Juice Specials Equipment

Advanced uncroaked,  Noble, recroak,

Caster: Croakamancy: Adept, Shockamacy: Novice

Staff of ancients charge- 250

ceremonial robes +3

Gorem Equipment: The One Ring

Type Combat Defense Hits Move Level Upkeep Specials
Ghowl 5 3 9 11 2 100

Advanced uncroaked,

Spawn, Paralyze,


Ghowls X2

Type Combat Defense Hits Move Level Upkeep Specials
Ghowl 4 3 8 10 1 90

Advanced uncroaked,

Spawn, Paralyze,


Skeletal Warriors X 12

Type Combat Defense Hits Move level Upkeep Specials



2 2 5 8 1 8



Skeletal Archers X8

Type Combat Defense Hits Move level Upkeep Specials



2 1 5 8 1 8




Skeletal Orcs X7

Type Combat Defense Hits Move level Upkeep Specials



4 1 6 8 1 10



Pavilion x1

Type Combat Defense Hits Move level Upkeep Specials



2 4 12 12 1 50



Baggage handler

Thoc  Equipment: Great axe, crude armor


















Light sensitivity







  • KronzeRourke

    I think it'd be a shame if Thoc were to lead the assault stack, wouldn't want him to bite it too early, i say second wave skeleton charge! : D and lets assault those superfluous elves. i bet they'll be more than enough bodies for what we decide to do later.

  • falcore51

    B. Reserve Stack

    A. Eager Elves 

  • Deck of Cards

    B. Superflous elves.

    D. Front line stack, but keep adding in units from the reserve to keep up his stack bonus.

  • BrimStone

    Reserve Stack and Superflous Elves.

  • SomeGuy411

    Superfluous and Assault stack. The superfluous elves, while they won't likely rush to engage like the eager elves, are probably a weaker target. Gorem has the Ring, so will be invisible, and I doubt the elves has the lookamancer, foolamancy, or leadership to pierce THAT veil easily. He can attack with wild abandon, with a stack of strong uncroaked to make sure that if they DO see him, he can be screened. Once the superfluous elves are down, we can later hit the eager elves with a pack of Ghowls, and they'll likely charge right into the hungry maws