Choose your own adventure: Nagash part 5

Reserve Stack and Superflous Elves won out this time. Enjoy!

Nagash Part 5



Thoc took his position with the reserve stack and Nagashs forces began to march. The Sun was even worse than Nagash had imagined. Even through the thick folds of flesh and cloth covering the Pavilion Nagash could feel its rays sapping his strength. Curse the titans for giving him this weakness. He couldn’t even move at night to avoid this. Still it could be worse. Without the knowledge in the journal, he would have been stuck in the tombs.  After an eternity of dealing with the Sun’s rays Nagash felt the Pavilion slow and then stop.


“Great one we have arrived.” Gorem whispered through the folds of the Pavilion.

“Go scout the enemy Gorem, but only scout do not attack and give away the element of surprise.” Nagash hissed

“Of course great one!’ Gorem answered. Nagash didn’t hear him leave, which Nagash took as a good sign.

A short time later thanks to the time differential effect. Gorem returned.

“Great one I counted over fifty elves. Most of them are on the beach. Some of them are fishing, but most are sleeping, swimming, or riding strange wooden boards on the wave as they come towards the beach. There were stacks of weapons on the beach spread around. In the village I found three guard posts. Two were elevated platforms each with two guards.  The other one was on the ground near a gate with 4 guards.  There were another ten or so elves  around the village. They were cooking, mending nets, and other such tasks.”

Nagashs brow furled as he heard the numbers. Fifty was a little higher than he was expecting. Perhaps the Eager elves would have been a better first target.  Still surprise was on his side and the elves were spread out. He could focus on the ones in the village first, and then move onto the beach.  He decided that his only real option was to attack.

“Gorem, go strike any single targets you can find and croak them then take any that turn and attack the eastern guard post. We will join you shortly, only attack after we start our assault. ” Said Nagash

“Of course great one.” Gorem said as he disappeared again.

Nagash gave Gorem a few rounds before ordering his forces forward.  As he crossed the boundary Hex Nagash got his first look at the enemy Village.  It was a collection of small reed huts spread out along the beach. The village was decorated with brightly colored shells and flowers. In keeping with the nature of Superfluous elves.  The guard posts were obvious to Nagash.  Fools, if they had taken the time to make hidden blinds for the guard post, they would have made this a lot harder.

The assault stack went right for the four elves guarding the gate. While Nagashs archers concentrated on the western raised guard post. Gorem rushed the eastern platform, along with two newly made Ghowls. The elves were taken down quickly. But one of the braver elves on the western platform was able to blow a signal horn, before he was cut down by Nagashs archers. Cursing his luck, Nagash ordered his forces forward. He needed to croak as many elves as he could before the forces from the beach arrived. With a silent order,


Out of the jars came darkness and hunger. It covered the skies over Nagashs head, blocking the hateful rays of the sun. Nagash stepped out of the pavilion getting his first real look at the battle field. The Assault stack was now in the streets of the small village, cutting down any elves in view as they rushed towards the beach.  The reserve stack was right behind them. The archer stack had moved up to one of the raised platforms and was shooting at any elf that escaped from his melee stacks. The new ghowls, now up to four were busy collecting bodies and placing them near Nagash. Gorem had once again disappeared.

Nagash glanced up, more than a little surprised that the jars had worked so well. Tomb Scabs were interesting little ferals, small little flying beetles that could feast on flesh to reduce their upkeep. Their upkeep was also remarkably low, less than tenth of a shmucker each. How one of his previous incarnations had thought of taming thousands of them and using them to block out the sun, Nagash would never know.  The Jars of Night however were the real stroke of genius.

A complex Turnamancy construct, which put the contents of the jar in a kind of suspended animation. The spell would have normally been beyond Nagash, but having step by step instruction made it simple, but juice intensive. The spell wouldn’t work on anything complex. But the Tomb scabs being such a simple feral, they would cost Nagash next to nothing if he didn’t use them.  If he did have to use them, the battle field would have plenty of flesh to cover their upkeep.

Looking back at the battlefield, Nagash could see that the assault stack had already engaged two stacks of the enemy elves from the beach.  Behind them Nagash could see a stack of archers forming up.  Nagash ordered his reserve stack up to support the assault stack. While his archers started laying into the enemy.

What should Nagash do?
A) Uncroak the fallen elves (13 total so far..)
B) Blast the archers with area Shockamancy!
C) Save his juice for later in the battle.