The Hunter - Part Ten

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It did not take long for Sicks to finish his own mission, so he started asking around about the Ruler who was not a Ruler, for curiosity’s sake. It was, after all, an incredibly curious situation.


At first, he sought out Thinkamancers to ask about Ruler sense. He managed to briefly ask one, a woman with short silver hair and a face that looked chiseled out of rock. She was easy to spot, wearing the Thinkamancer emblem around her throat. She said in a cold and flat tone that it was not the province of Thinkamancers.


So, he sought out Weirdomancers, since they were, you know, weird. He talked to one who said Weirdomancy could not do “that”. They might mess with units, but to block a Ruler… that was Titanic, something part of Erfworld.


He tried Date-o-mancers next. They said that it might be possible to do something similar between specific units, even to a Ruler, but not to a Ruler and the whole side. Unless an Arkentool existed that a Date-o-mancer could Attune to; you never knew what it might enable one to do.


At the start of the third Turn, he was getting a little annoyed. He had gotten hints and scraps of information that could potentially solve a portion of the puzzle, but they were not connected. He even asked about a Date-o-mancer and Weirdomancer link-up. He found a pair that had linked before, and they said they doubted they could affect a Ruler’s sense.


He had walked through the Magic Kingdom absentmindedly, and suddenly found himself at the Short Pier. While he had never seriously contemplated the Long Walk, he had been here before, curious about the sight so many sought.


And there stood someone, standing in front of the Pier, as if wrestling with the idea of taking that step onto it. Wearing some sort of white coat, the caster kept touching his face. When Sicks moved to get a better look, he saw that he wore spectacles. He also noticed he wore a black tie… was he from Keijee or Seayai? But then why would he be here?


“If you’re thinking of taking that step,” Sicks called out, “would you consider joining my Side?”


The figure jumped in surprise, and almost stumbled onto the Pier. Almost. When he finally collected himself, he looked haunted. And hunted.


“Who… who are you?” he asked In a distinctively Keijee accent.


“I am Chief Caster for Black Hill. We have very few assets, and could use some more magical knowledge about an urgent matter.”


“You! You are Emmai Sicks, no?” The caster suddenly said, rushing towards him.


“No, I am Chief Caster for Black Hill,” he stammered.


“No, I remember you ven you came to Keijee as ambassador. Many Turns ago.”


Sicks leapt at the caster, determined to croak him before he could alert someone.


“Vait, vait! I wish to Turn! I vant to be Emmai!” the caster managed as he fought him off.


“You know that Emmai is gone,” Sicks growled.


“Vat…? Zen vat are you…” His eyes narrowed. “Did you say Black Hill?”


He could not fathom what the ploy was. There was no reason why a Keijee agent would want to Walk. Not now, considering what they had achieved recently. “Yes,” he said, cautiously.


“Zen it if Fate ve meet. I helped an abominable man make an abominable spell zat vas cast on Black Hill.”


“Who helped you? What spell?”


“A despicable caster named Charlie.”


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