Parson destroys Ruthlessness

I made an animated GIF of Parson destroying the iconic sword. I wish we could have animated GIFS as profile pics. :)



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  • sdub

    I love it! Could we get speech bubbles along with the wind up and toss? And also the entire scene of it melting into lava? =)

  • Overdroid

    Thanks! I was hoping to add the melting part but it depends on my work schedule. Even simple animation eats up a bunch of time. :)

  • WurmD

    +1 to melting part :D

  • Spicymancer

    Erfworld as a motion comic would be really cool, can't imagine how much work that'd take though. Awesome job! cool

  • youngstormlord

    Good job, a little twitchy but I know how hard it is to animate something. Also, we can have animated gifs as our profile pictures, it's just that the gif has to follow the same size limit as any other image (both height and width and file size I think). See my profile for a proof that it is possible.

  • Overdroid

    Oh wow! Thanks! Also thanks for the nice comments! Youngstormlord, imma have to see if I can get it to be the proper dimensions for my profile pic.

  • Thecommander236

     Nice, that's pretty good looking. Better than I expected. I thought you were going to have to redraw the entire scene, but you made that seamless with the original pictures. 

  • Jay103

    There was a motion-comic concept a loooong time ago, if I remember correctly.  I don't think the story needs it (though I do like this gif)

  • ScottishMongol

    This makes me dream of one day having an Erfworld animated series.

  • Squall83

    This is such a beautiful animation! I love it! ^^

  • Omnimancer

    This is awesome! I would love to see you animate more Erfworld scenes, if you have time.