The Hunter - Part Eleven

By Lymmothy (Tipped by 1 person!)

“Ze spell, it vas a link-up. Ve combined Weirdomancy, Date-a-mancy, and Carnymancy. It vas attempt to see if a unit could exist outside of a Ruler’s control.”


“So you tampered with the Ruler’s connection to a unit,” Sicks grimaced.


“Yes. It didn’t vork, zo. Instead, it broke Ruler’s sense,” he looked at Sa’nyang. “Your grandfather.”


“Then why were we left alive, alone?”


“He vas a newly popped Warlord, Signamancy like you. He liked being alone, with his pets. He seemed perfect and expendable, but…”


“He escaped,” offered Sicks. “And found this Site.”


“Ve can only assume. Ve thought he had croaked, as a level 2 Warlord with only a stack of level 1 critters.”


The two casters looked at Sa’nyang.


“This place is said to be the chosen land, the true home of our Side. When it was discovered, there was an instant… connection, a bond to it.”


“That would’ve been Sensing the capital site.”


“Yes. Zat makes sense. Even zo ze Sense vas broken, it apparently vas not completely destroyed.”


“So, you said that you want to help. To fix this,” Sa’nyang said, trying to wrap his head around the fact that his entire World was not what it was. “Why would you do this?”


“Because it is ze right thing to do.”


“What do I have to do?”


“Zis thing… it may cause harm. It may incapacitate, change your mind, or even croak you. Since ze effects have been passed on twice, I think it vill not get to croaking, but zere is ze danger.”


“And a hired caster can’t risk the client in that way?” Sa’nyang looked at Sicks.


“Well… ‘wouldn’t’, at least. Bad for business if hired casters put their clients in harm’s way intentionally. Makes them seem more of a threat and a liability.”


“Who’s Charlie?”


Sicks and the… he didn’t know his name yet… looked like he had just croaked their favourite pet.


“He’s a myth. A rumour-” Sicks started


“He is not a rumour!”


“-of a caster that transcends disciplines. A caster that can cast all forms of magic.”


“An all-powerful being?” Sa’nyang said incredulously.


“Exactly. A fable. Something to keep the Em Kay under control. ‘Watch out, or Charlie will come and croak you!’”


“Charlie exists. I saw him. I met him. Tall, thin, with big bushy hair. His Signamancy vas unimpressive, but vat he did vas very much beyond Erfworld.”


Sicks looked like he realized something.


“Ya, you see? I don’t know how he did it, but he liked Weirdomancy, Date-a-mancy, and Carnymancy. I don’t know what he is, but that means he did a four-way link-up.”

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