Choose your own adventure: Nagash part 6

Uncroaking won this time. Again a short one

Nagash part 6



Nagash decided having more bodies on the field was just he needed. He channel juice through his staff and intoned.

“Quicken Risen”

Nagash felt thirteen new uncroak rise. He then ordered the newly raised elves right into the enemy stacks. Just as Nagash had hoped the elves immediately went after the fallen forms of their former tribe mates. Whether they acted out of fear or anger it mattered little to him. Nagash would rather lose the basic uncroaked than his Skeletal Warriors. Then ordering his archers to focus on the enemy archers.


A few combat rounds had passed. Nagash used his juice sparely uncroaking a few more elves to reinforce his stacks or blasting a particular annoying elf who had dared to fire an arrow in his direction. In that time. The assault stack had been completely wiped out. As he expected it would be.  Thoc’s stack had fared a little better only losing two so far.. Nagash had sent two of the uncroaked elves to replace the fallen Warriors. The archer stack and Nagashs stack were still whole, only suffering a few attacks during the brief battle. Gorem now had a full stack of ghowls under his control. Three more uncroaked archers rounded out what was left of Nagash’s forces.


Nagash had just finished reorganizing his stacks, when he saw another four stacks of Superflous elves entering from the beach.

The first was a group of eight melee elves, clearly having taken the time to put their armor on. The second was a stack of eight archers, they were hanging back clearly meaning to provide support fire. The Third stack was the clear threat. Eight elves in better armor and carrying better weapon than the rest  of the tribe had. The taller elf near the back of the stack, could only be the tribe chief leading a group of knights. The last stack was only a group of four elves. Judging by the tools on their belt, they must perform some kind of fabrication for the tribe. They were hanging back, clearly intending to guard the archer stack.


Pick next action

  1. Mass uncroak (18 bodies, spread throughout the battle field) and rush the enemy.
  2. Blast the Knight stack with area shockamancy (lethal)
  3. Blast the Knight stack with area shockamancy (nonlethal) to gain prisoners
  4. Blast the archer stack with area shockamancy
  5. Retreat from this battle is to much.
  6. Another idea!


  • falcore51
    1. Blast the Knight stack with area shockamancy (lethal)

    It is time to let loose with some juice, basic uncroaked are not going to cover it.

  • SomeGuy411

    While simply executing the enemy via shockamancy appeals, as it allows Nagash to truly revel in his power, prisoners allow for some creating and maintaining his army. Probably a few things in his journal he needs to test out, after all


    Nonlethal Shock the knights

  • awai

    Blast the Knight stack with area shockamancy (lethal)

    Stackwise both are even, but got the feeling that the Elves will win if Nagash doesn't take out a melee stack.


  • DragonLordG

    Blast the Knight stack with area shockamancy (lethal).
    Nagash is only level 2 and he's a bit outclassed here. While prisoners would be very nice, he can't afford to hold back here. Also, he already has Orcs as his Neutral Allies, so he clearly can't get Elves. Neutrals have to have good relationships with each other in order to get multiple Ally types.
    The reason we're hitting the Knights and not the Archers is because the Leadership is with the Knights. Archers are a bigger threat in our world, but the stack specific and global leadership bonuses of a cheiftain can turn a battle. Speaking of leadership, which of our units grant leadership, and how much? I realize we don't have a Chief Warlord, but surely at least Nagash, as leader of a side, would grant some kind of bonus to his own stack.

  • Twobeard

    Hit leadership. Croak the knight stack with focus on the chief. Then Uncroak if there is time/ juice. I really hope you continue with this and your other story.