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Seized with a powerful urge to waste all of my time juice yesterday, I decided to try some dollamancy! Hadn't crocheted in forever, so it was pretty fun making this little guy. I was freehanding, but I might try my hand at maybe refining and transcribing a pattern. (ETA: Timelapsed Video of making Chickpea) 



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  • cu (Tipped by 3 people!)

    Holey crotchet! You just tondelayed my socks off! surprised

  • Charron (Tipped by 2 people!)

    I look forward to these being in the Erfworld store.

    Decrypted dwagons beware!

  • Badeyes (Tipped by 1 person!)

    HAHAHAHA, owowow the cute it stings.

    Take my schmuckers!


  • Cactuar

    embarassed Omigosh thanks so much everyone and Rob! I'm glad Chickpea is so well loved ^^

  • Charron (Tipped by 1 person!)

    The video is great and I must now tip again!

    Also, I saw you use the pliers to help craft it and assume you used the dish for the upload but I must have missed the part where you hit it with the hammer since the speed was up so high.

  • Brother Mirtillo

    ...Wow. So that's what crochet looks like. That was an Arkin' lot of stitches, not to mention you devising a structure for the legs and all. Wonderful work! Very determined, and if that's freehanding, then you must have a good feel for shapes. He looks adorable!

  • Diodri (Tipped by 3 people!)

    Wow that's amazing.  Kudos on the speedy stitching.


    Did you use chicken wire for the legs?  cool

  • Murasaki

    That. Is. Flippin'. Awesome!

  • Daethalion

    Man, now I want one.  Seriously though, that is some nice work!

  • zebatron

    This is absolutely spectacular. 

  • Frogpop

    Flippin' sweet!

  • Xarx (Tipped by 1 person!)

    Now, if you could do Bat 11...

  • Nickol Cadwell

    I would pay good money for that! Look amazing!

  • ArtyD

    "(NOTE: User was awarded 50 shmuckers for this post. -Rob)

    Hang on... I'll fix that... needs to be about 20 times as much...

    And fixed.

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  • Squall83

    Wow, I am impressed! This is so beautiful! O_O

  • deus EX (Tipped by 1 person!)


    This actually forced me to login and tip some schmuckers.

    Great work!


  • PurpleRed (Tipped by 3 people!)

     Don't like to be picky, but for strict accuracy you really need to show a bit of cleavage. Just saying.

  • rxmd

    Note the use of the Arkenpliers between ca. 5:25 and 6.35.

  • Overdroid


  • Excellion

    After seeing the update on Tuesday i had to login to change my forum avatar to Chickpea.
    After seeing the update on Friday i had to login to throw shmuckers at the creator of this lovely Chickpea.

    Seriously, this is some amazing work.

  • cu (Tipped by 1 person!)

    My S.O. is also a Master Dollamancer. She says when you learn how to freehand crochet spheres and cylinders, any (non-eldritch) stuffed shape is pretty much doable if you pour enough juice on it. I remember once she came up with some amazing crochet foodstuffs for one of her nephews (among others a drumstick, to keep with the chicken theme).

    Still it takes huge amounts of skill, time and ingenuity. You won't be taking the Long Walk to the Short Pier any time soon.

    Stand and be shmucked again for that Titanic piece of Foolamancy.

  • oakshield


  • ickus

    Super awesome work.  Loved every time-lapse minute of it.  Probably still would have watched it in real-time.  Or even in turns.  lol ;)

  • Gyrate

    That is insanely good. And insanely fast.

    And worthy of another shmucker.