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Seized with a powerful urge to waste all of my time juice yesterday, I decided to try some dollamancy! Hadn't crocheted in forever, so it was pretty fun making this little guy. I was freehanding, but I might try my hand at maybe refining and transcribing a pattern. (ETA: Timelapsed Video of making Chickpea) 



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  • Templar

    That's adorable.  Great work!

  • Brucester

    Very clever. Thanks for sharing the time-lapse making of this. Definitely worthy of some schmuckers - I shall donate some to a very worthy Erfworld contribution.

  • Neko

    OMG - brilliant!  Thanks so much for sharing your Dollamancy!  Take my schmuckers!

  • Fuzzy Izmit

    Awesome! I wish I was that quick with a hook!

  • Artherax

    For those who are responsible for nominating and granting the "Best Post of the Month",


    I think a small ovation is deserved for CACTUAR.

  • Jay103

    Holy cow.

    I'd buy one of those.

  • greyknight (Tipped by 1 person!)

    Now just keep making about twenty of them until one comes to life.

  • BrimStone

    + on Awesome and had to leave a tip.

  • Adept

    Whoa! Very nice work.

  • Adept

    I forgot to ask, did it animate?

  • YRM DM

    Great job.  You captured the character so well.

  • Jade

    Lovely work! I'm just a novice in Dollamancy myself :P

  • Eclison

    Hypnotic video. Like watching Neo dodge those bullets... without the bullet-speed effect. Crazy and delicious. Have a 1000!


  • No one in particular

    I love how the tip counter has been maxed out. This definitely deserves it, too!

  • CDS

    One of the coolest fan contributions I have seen. 

  • dmolla


  • yogomakeoshimi

    Wow! So Cool! Thank you!!

  • Arkaim

    I think you got more than 100x more in tips than most Etsy people get for any of their crochet creations :D

  • etherkye

    I don't think I've ever seen the tip counter or the comments go so high!

  • HighJumper

    Awesome job; I'm not sure if I want one or a pattern of one more. How long did it take you to complete it? The time lapse video was intriguing; I should do that with some of my projects.

    The only difference I can see is scale. You made yours comparable to you, as if you were the size of an Erfworlder, but the stitches on Tondy's appear bigger since all the Erfworlders are so small. I'm continually impressed that that scale is kept consistent in the comic artwork.


  • Sir Dr D

    Did your Dollamancy work? Were you able to apply motion to it?

  • Keybounce

    First: Can you please post a youtube link to that timelapse? I'm not seeing it (if it's on facebook, I block that site for privacy concerns).


    Second: For people asking for "motion": Have you considered doing a little stop-motion animation of your chickpea walking?

  • Keybounce

    Third: I can confirm that after tipping, neither the number in the tipjar nor the "number of tippers" went up.


    (Fourth: Is there no "edit post" option here?)

  • Dusso

     Very well done, have a tip!

  • Isben (Tipped by 9 people!)
    PurpleRedMay 26, 2017 

     Don't like to be picky, but for strict accuracy you really need to show a bit of cleavage. Just saying.

    PurpleRed, I know you meant it with a wink to archons and the source picture, but it's not cool to tell a woman that she needs to show more cleavage. Please don't do it.