Random archon generator

After being inspired by this post of Hero of Shadows: http://forums.erfworld.com/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=13855&p=224190#p224190

so I decided to create a web application for creating archons. You can download it from here:


Just unzip it and start the html page. To stat those archons, visit app made by Hero of Shadows: https://gbora.github.io/archon_generator/

For video example of my app, look below. To save, right click on image. If you think that you can make better archons (And I'm certain you can. This was made in two and half days!), just edit their parts in img folder. Have fun. 

PS: My desire is for this app to become a regular part of Erfworld site, one small cog of the machine that are Erfworld future products. If Xin was the one making parts which are used to create a complete archon, they would have been a hell lotta prettier. Because it was me... let's just say that I have more talent for Dirtamancy and Turnamancy than Signamancy.