Wanda Firebaugh

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Just a bit of fanart. Sort of my own spin on Wanda. A recruitment poster perhaps?


Join Gobwin Knob! Or CROAK and THEN join Gobwin Knob!



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  • HighJumper

    Woah. And I thought your Erfworld themed Frizzle dress was cool.

    I'm seeing this as a glimpse of an alternate Erfworld, where Wanda formed her own Side instead of sticking with Stanley, and popped this intimidating Warlady while having Sylvia as her consort, resulting in a Signamantic blend of the two scary ladies. 

  • godskook

    Am I the only one weirded out by her having real eyes?

  • Brother Mirtillo

    Wow... Naught but fire and darkness in every hue.

    Yes, black is totally her color. It's just not every day that the cutesy-boop world where she lives reflects that so vividly. Plus, y'know, she's a reckoned force in black leather.

    I think the eyes work -- see also "fiery." It's the hair that's peculiarly billowing... though it does match the clouds, to be sure. Rockin' work!

  • rocknrolla

    This is booping great.

  • Shard

    Neat! I think Wanda needs fake eyes, though.

  • Das Kaffinator

    Very nice.  Her outfit seems kind of Lara Crofty, which is a good look on her.

  • HopesBlade

    Through a (melted) Mirror Darkly.

    The Arkentool doesn't attune to death magic, because dark mirror Wanda never had the same experiences... something, instead- of rage and fire. Something suitably broken like full control of all fire based/attack units within a certain range (we just build a few siege towers and rams, and the idiot archers light up every time. Instant turn.) or the capacity to take any spell directed in her area and redirect it as a fire spell outwards - or provides juice for her own fire spells. 

  • Gamebird

    Great stuff! What's the sigil on her belt buckle? I can't quite make it out.

  • ArtyD (Tipped by 2 people!)

    Mistress of Death, Mistress of Pain.

    Join her side or your death is her gain.

  • Peteman12 (Tipped by 1 person!)

    Gobwin Knob - Die and Join Us.


    Shouldn't that be Join Us or Die?



  • ChristineMeany

    That's a nice art!