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By balder Comments (87)

There's no easy way to say this, but we'll have to extend the hiatus into September. It turns out that I needed a bigger and more complete break from thinking about Erfworld things than I realized. Writing backer stories or doing anything else Erfworld related was not really possible for me during the downtime. Recently, I've been loading it all back into my brain. We are on track for getting rolling again, just not today.


This is my problem and mine alone. Things are okay otherwise. Linda and I got married in Finland, at Suomenlinna, a pseudo-magical historical island fortress site that was breathtaking. We had most of the team and some wonderful and kind fans of Erfworld come to witness and celebrate with us. Also, do not worry about the art. Lillian is working out just great. There are no serious creative, health, technical, or team problems going on. This is just sort of an "author's headspace" problem, and I'm vectoring out of it now.


I am a little bit worried about Xin, who is as safe and sound as one can be right now in Houston, Texas right now. She's online and able to work, but everyone in southeast Texas was disrupted to one degree or another by Harvey. I also have some family in that area who were hit harder, and they're on my mind as well.


But it's not about the hurricane. I am just not ready to return to regular updates yet. That's not to say we don't have stuff ready to post, but it would be a mistake right now to start again. I'll let everyone know when it's time.


I really appreciate your collective patience and understanding during the last two months. Pledges even grew during that span. We're actually bumping up against Milestone 4 and Free Cards Day now, which is good for everybody's morale and my own. Thanks very much to everyone who has pledged during the down time, and everybody who has stuck with us.


We will be back as soon as we can.



  • sdub

    Thanks for the news! Glad Xin is safe as well. 

    Selfish request: are there any good examples of Lillian's work you can post for us to admire?

  • ArtyD

    Not a problem.  Will wait for more Erfshattering news.

  • dfinlay

    Looking forward to Erfworld resuming, but your focus and mental health come first. Take the time you need.

  • benana (Tipped by 2 people!)

    We want more Erfworld, but we want you to be in a good place more!

    If you got distracted by your own wedding, it sounds like your priorities are in the right place!

  • Nickol Cadwell

    Don't worry too much about us! We've been fine all summer and an extra month won't be that bad!

    Give yourself time to roll back into the swing of things and don't push yourself too hard!

  • Lord Morgoth

    That's fine by me. I'm newer to Erfworld than most people (I think I joined around page 58 of Book 4) and read for a bit before making the account, but I understand the need for a break. Eventually, work just gets tough and you need to rest.

    Really, we should be thanking you for telling us you need to take a hiatus! Erfworld is one of my favorite webcomics, if not my favorite, and I am glad all is going well progress wise! Come back when you feel ready.

  • Alkimodon

    No prob, man. Keep it cool.


  • Noigel

    Hope everyone is OK in Southeast Texas.  Didn't realize Xin was there.  I think there is some irony in that if you hadn't decided to take a much deserved hiatus... then one probably would have been forced upon you all due to Harvey and all that craziness.  I'll take a prepared hiatus over a forced one any day.

    Completely understand the storm not being a main contributing factor but a little extended absence while everything stabilizes doesn't hurt.  

    Everyone be safe.

  • cloudbreaker

    Thank you for keeping us updated.  I was hoping to submit a new large-scale Erfworld-related project by the time updates resumed, but it has taken me much longer than anticipated.  With the extended hiatus, maybe I will be able to finish it in time after all!

  • Ansan Gotti

    Take your time, we'll be here. Congratulations again on your wedding, and many prayers and much support for Xin, your family, and everyone else in Houston!

  • FFTGeist

    At times like these setting expectations with the fans goes a long ways. 

    While we understand you're not ready now, could you please provide a date that you will provide an update to us? (Even if that update is not now)

  • Timaoh

    If this was a kickstarter post, I cant imagine what the comments would be like. Glad it's not. Carry On!

  • Polvane the eraser


    Congratulations on the wedding.   I'm very happy for Rob and Linda.

    It's unfortunate about the extension to the hiatus, but I don't mind waiting a bit longer. 

  • Cheez

    Congratulations and best wishes to you & Linda!  Take care, we will still be here when you get back =)

  • Psyra

    Take the time you need, the last thing anyone wants (if anyone does, I'll croak 'em) is to stress you guys out. :)

  • youngstormlord

    It's alright. Happy Halloween... I mean honey moon. Have fun.

  • Morgaln

    I have been wondering about the additional pledges; payment for pledges is per update, as far as I know. But there havent't been any updates during that time, so did those people get two months worth of toolshed content for free? That might explain some of those pledges...


    Admittedly I'm not a tool, so I might misunderstand how this works.

  • Forealms

    Good by me. Hope you don't mind if I fervently check the website every day anyway.

  • tgillet1

    Congrats on the wedding!!!

    I certainly miss Erfworld updates, but I am so on board with you taking the time you need to get things in order so you can do Erfworld the way that works best - both for your and the team's welfare and for the quality of the story. Patience pays. Good luck!

  • Zictor

    Don't worry, take your time. I actually prefer if the hiatus extends for 3-4 months, but then you start with a six-month bufffer. Also, I want to see more backer stories.

  • dzScritches

    What? Unacceptable! I demand you get back to making my free entertainment content immediately!

    I jest - I hope this break is a refreshing one! I'll be here waiting whenever you return. =)

  • gamingfreak10

    if it were me i would start with infrequent or irregular updates, like every other monday, or alternating tuesday and friday (every 10 or 11 days). but that's me and i might be biased to wanting content...


    regardless, take what time you need =) we'll wait.

  • Lemur

    Rob, speaking for myself (and, it seems from the comments so far, for others as well) the consistent high quality of this strip so far (story, comedy, art, everything) gives me complete confidence in your judgment -- however much time you need to keep up those high standards will be well worth the wait. Looking forward to resuming when it's ready!

  • hontoz

    Thanks for the update, and congrats on the wedding! I'm super excited to see the new art, and read the new stories. Take your time, and stay awesome :)

  • AJ Impy

    I'm not surprised by this, given there was virtually no activity visible during the hiatus despite mentions of backer stories, Hamstard approvals and the like. I'm here for the long haul, and I wish safety and comfort to those impacted by the hurricane. My tool money is yours to earn as is convenient.