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There's no easy way to say this, but we'll have to extend the hiatus into September. It turns out that I needed a bigger and more complete break from thinking about Erfworld things than I realized. Writing backer stories or doing anything else Erfworld related was not really possible for me during the downtime. Recently, I've been loading it all back into my brain. We are on track for getting rolling again, just not today.


This is my problem and mine alone. Things are okay otherwise. Linda and I got married in Finland, at Suomenlinna, a pseudo-magical historical island fortress site that was breathtaking. We had most of the team and some wonderful and kind fans of Erfworld come to witness and celebrate with us. Also, do not worry about the art. Lillian is working out just great. There are no serious creative, health, technical, or team problems going on. This is just sort of an "author's headspace" problem, and I'm vectoring out of it now.


I am a little bit worried about Xin, who is as safe and sound as one can be right now in Houston, Texas right now. She's online and able to work, but everyone in southeast Texas was disrupted to one degree or another by Harvey. I also have some family in that area who were hit harder, and they're on my mind as well.


But it's not about the hurricane. I am just not ready to return to regular updates yet. That's not to say we don't have stuff ready to post, but it would be a mistake right now to start again. I'll let everyone know when it's time.


I really appreciate your collective patience and understanding during the last two months. Pledges even grew during that span. We're actually bumping up against Milestone 4 and Free Cards Day now, which is good for everybody's morale and my own. Thanks very much to everyone who has pledged during the down time, and everybody who has stuck with us.


We will be back as soon as we can.



  • Archena Nighthawk

    Ack, no! Waited so long... need Erfworld fix... 

    Nah, I'm good - only minor addiction. I can stop any time I want to...

    I just don't want to. Nyah!

    Seriously, take the time you need - we'll be here, in the lonely, dusty, punless halls, waiting with baited breath (not sure what we're baiting but what the heck...)...


    Don't mind the raving addict, it's fine... ;)

  • shneekeythelost (Tipped by 1 person!)

    Being in the southern section of Texas, I can say that while I was not directly impacted by Harvey (other than heavy consistent rain that caused flooding in low-lying areas, which I do not reside in), is that Houston is a major transportation and supply chain hub for the entire southern area of Texas, and going east all the way to New Orleans' influence somewhere around the Sabine river.

    We are okay. We have plans for this kind of thing. When you live in California, you have plans in case you get earthquakes. When you live on the Great Plains, you have plans for a Tornado. When you live on the Gulf Coast, you have plans for what to do if a Hurricane comes through. We had enough potable water on hand to last a week, plus food that didn't require refrigeration for around the same amount of time. We also had an evacuation route already planned, should it be necessary, with at least three alternate routes in the event that certain local conditions prevailed to cut off one or the other route. These resources are still in place, so I'm not overly concerned about the next one forming up either, from a personal perspective. My family has a plan, and can be on the road in five minutes with everything we need, including the cat, should emergency response personnel request us to. We can ride out just about anything short of suggested (or mandatory) evac (which we are not stupid enough to ignore).

    However, the majority of the stores around here are supplied through a supply chain that ran through Houston. Which is, obviously, not working at the moment. Even Wal-Mart is running short of basic supplies. In virtually every store that hasn't sold out, you're seeing signs like 'limit two jugs of milk per transaction, please' or 'please limit to (2) one-dozen egg cartons per transation'. It's not precisely rationing, but it's as close as I'd prefer to ever get. We ARE getting what we need, I'm a particularly resourceful fellow, and the local stores are re-routing their distribution hubs through Dallas and Austin/San Antonio. But the price of a lot of things has been going up, not from price gouging but simply from supply and demand shift.

    Part of this is because everyone is also scraping up every necessity to ship down to Houston to help out victims, part of it is because of the crimp in the supply chains. Either way, no one is complaining about it, since everyone IS, at least, getting what they need. Maybe not much MORE than that, but ENOUGH. And VERY few individuals are being a jerk about it.

    However, Irma is brewing up out in the ocean, scheduled to hit the Lesser Antilles next week some time. It could go north, skirting the north of the Caribbean Islands, then working up the eastern coast of Florida and along the eastern seaboard. Or it could go west, straight across, passing the Yucatan Peninsula, and into the Gulf to hit Houston a second time. And there won't be much time to recover before it happens, if it does. Or it could do something completely different... hurricanes are kinda unpredictable like that.

    I would strongly urge everyone on the gulf coast area and on the eastern seaboard keep tabs on Irma, just in case. I got a gut feeling that this ain't over yet. And for goodness sake, if you get authorities in your area telling you to take shelter, bloody well take shelter. And if they tell you to evacuate, then GTFO. Authorities don't issue evacuation orders lightly, so take them seriously.

  • mrgrooism

    First and foremost, glad to hear ya got hitched without a hitch, or something like that! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    Let me join the chorus, DO whatever ya need to do, we'll be here for you! 

  • Azukar

    All the best! We'll keep the site warm 'til you're good and ready smile (And congratulations to you both on your wedding!)


    Take all the time you need, imo. Better to have you back at 100% than to try and force it. 

  • Adept

    I'm glad Finland treated you well Rob. Due to time constraints I couldn't come to celebrate your wedding, though I would have liked to shake your hand and buy you a beverage of your choice :)

    Take all the time you need. As a game master and creative writer, I know what it's like to need a break from it all. Come back to us refreshed and recharged, when you're ready.

  • Snowgods

    All good, S*** happens, we all know this. So long as we know what's going on.

    Also I've been through a natural disaster (Earthquake rather than flood), and know how stressful they are, even if you're not in the worst affected area, so I feel for Xin. 

  • j scheibel

    Reading this evokes some form of sonder i me. Erfworld isn't going anywhere, congrats, rest well and safe travels.

  • Spicymancer

    Dittomancy to the above. Congratulation on the magical wedding, glad to hear Xin is safe, and good things are worth waiting for. =)

  • Nimelennar

    Glad to hear your wedding was awesome!  Congrats!

    Update when you can; we can wait as long as you need us to.  

    My only request is that you keep us up-to-date on what to expect; with both this update and the last, you've done that admirably so far.

    Thank you for all the effort you put into Erfeorld: I'm really looking forward to seeing what you have in mind for the end of Book 4.

  • tamtam1991


    We are happy to hear everything went well with your wedding! Mazal tov. We are also happy to know Xin (and your family) are safe in Houston, Texas. 

    I can't speak for everyone, but I know I completely understand and support your decision. Sometimes we don't realize how tired we are until we take the pack off our shoulders. Take as long as you need to center, and when you come back to us, come back healthy and ready to work! We miss you comics tongue-out

    With care and regards,


  • Frankquith

    Take all the time you need Rob, we'll still be here when you're ready =)

  • trilo (Tipped by 1 person!)

    But you're 30 update dollars short of the milestone that includes a wedding! In light of this mismatch, allow me to take this opportunity give a written lecture on business management.

    Seriously though, congratulations and thanks for updating us. It's better to be ready than rush things.

  • Nik

    Not a worry!
    In a lot of ways confessing that you need more time is likely harder than caving in to outside pressures and jumping right back in.

    We'll be here whenever you're ready :)

  • Tsonn

    Thanks for the update. Looking forward to comics resuming when the time is right :)

  • Miratus

    I will add my voice to the choir: no worries, mon! :-D 

    Yes, we are waiting, but it is the good kind of waiting, like waiting for Christmas morning to come... we know it will be worth it and that the magic will come.

    Congratulations on your wedding: long life, happiness and inspiration to you both!

    Now, relax and take your time.

  • vernes

    Take yer time.

  • Dusso

    At least post some wedding photos for the rest of us who couldn't participate ;)

  • dmolla

    congrats Rob and Linda! and no worries, take all the time you need!

  • Corrupt User

    So, when do you expect to be back?

  • Squall83

    If I had half of your work discipline and tenacity, I would be a five times faster worker myself.

    So, since your planned update schedule is aimed at something between 52 and 104 per year, do you plan on something like a Friday-Wednesday-Monday schedule? That's 3 updates in 2 weeks and one of those weeks would still have the Monday and Friday updates we've been used to. Also - last but not least - this schedule has both of the long intervals include the week-end, i.e. the intervals are 5/5/4 days and the 4-day one is Mo-Fr. So you could take Sundays off?

  • Goshen

    Take your time!  Things as awesome as Erfworld don't happen overnight.

    And congratulations!

  • Ice

    Congratulations. Been following since this was hosted on OOTs, and hate when comics "die."

    Usually don't bother with them anymore, find something new.... but Erfworld was so enjoyable that I do keep checking back in hopes of new pages. Sucks you are extending the break, but us addicted will still keep on checking I'm sure ;)

    Wish the best to you all.

  • OverdrivePrime

    Congratulations on your wedding! Suomenlinna looks friggin' gorgeous. We're looking forward to your return, but great work can't be rushed. Take your time. We'll still be here, excited for each new release!

  • Ansan Gotti

    Dusso wrote: "At least post some wedding photos for the rest of us who couldn't participate ;)"


    Seconded! Subject to your privacy preferences, of course. :)