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By balder Comments (87)

There's no easy way to say this, but we'll have to extend the hiatus into September. It turns out that I needed a bigger and more complete break from thinking about Erfworld things than I realized. Writing backer stories or doing anything else Erfworld related was not really possible for me during the downtime. Recently, I've been loading it all back into my brain. We are on track for getting rolling again, just not today.


This is my problem and mine alone. Things are okay otherwise. Linda and I got married in Finland, at Suomenlinna, a pseudo-magical historical island fortress site that was breathtaking. We had most of the team and some wonderful and kind fans of Erfworld come to witness and celebrate with us. Also, do not worry about the art. Lillian is working out just great. There are no serious creative, health, technical, or team problems going on. This is just sort of an "author's headspace" problem, and I'm vectoring out of it now.


I am a little bit worried about Xin, who is as safe and sound as one can be right now in Houston, Texas right now. She's online and able to work, but everyone in southeast Texas was disrupted to one degree or another by Harvey. I also have some family in that area who were hit harder, and they're on my mind as well.


But it's not about the hurricane. I am just not ready to return to regular updates yet. That's not to say we don't have stuff ready to post, but it would be a mistake right now to start again. I'll let everyone know when it's time.


I really appreciate your collective patience and understanding during the last two months. Pledges even grew during that span. We're actually bumping up against Milestone 4 and Free Cards Day now, which is good for everybody's morale and my own. Thanks very much to everyone who has pledged during the down time, and everybody who has stuck with us.


We will be back as soon as we can.



  • Kipkn

    Thank you for the update, and major congratulations on your wedding! :D

  • Rollo

    Grattis to your wedding

  • rstoffel

    I know what you mean, scheduled time off flies by super fast.  By the time it's time for work to 'start', you only finished half the stuff you planned to complete with your time off. 

    Take your time, get yourself to a good place mentally.  Looking forward to Erfworld's return!

  • tigerusthegreat (Tipped by 1 person!)

     I have bad news, guys....since Finland doesn't exist and is a massive conspiracy we must assume that Rob has been replaced by a quick clone doppleganger, lacking real Rob's writing ability.  The real question now is how deep does it go?  What does the Robbleganger want?

  • FrankHarr

    O.K.  I understand.  All the best.

    Also, Finland, Finland, Finland, the country where I quite want to be.  I figured someone might like that.

  • WooSai

    Congrats on the wedding, and I'm glad Xin is safe.  While I'm desperately impatient for Erfworld to continue, please take the time that you need to do it in a healthy manner for you.  We'll still be here when you're ready.  I'm glad that you're thinking about you and how make/keep yourself whole.  Self-care is important.  

  • Dusso (Tipped by 1 person!)

    Would be nice, if Xin could prepare next pinup of Rob&Linda wedding with all the guests from Erfworld :) I'd love to see that cool

  • Drest

    Enjoy your newly wed time, glad xin is safe. Come back when you are ready!

  • OSTBear

    I'm going to have a selfish moment.

    I've been a Titan basically since the beginning of the program. Even longer than my badge would suggest as the only reason my Titanic status was lost was because I forgot to change over my paypal information. But as soon as I realized the mistake, I re-upped.

    I love Erfworld. SO MUCH. But these messages have been getting harder and harder for me. It's especially hard for me to take you seriously when you say to "not worry about the art" because that's almost exactly what you told us about David Hahn and, being real, that was some seriously awful artwork. I remember when the Kickstarter to bring Hahn on board came around and I expressed concern about him becoming the artist. You assured me it would be great and that I would be impressed with the artwork, and maybe two pages were above mediocre. So you emphatically reassuring us that "Lillian is working out just great. There are no serious creative... problems" is not that reassuring.

    The hiatus was blow, but I got it, y'know? People need time off and when you're a story team of one delivering a world this intricate... again, I get it. But here we are. Two months later and another delay. Another issue.

    I mean hey, credit where it's due you guys have been keeping the trains more or less on-time for the better part of a year... But these delays without warning then delays on top of delays and insistence that we trust you that the new artist is great... It's hard. Not to mention little things missed like how the Toolshed is supposed to get low res copies of Xin's Art Blog pin-ups but they're almost a year behind.

    I hope you get back in your head space, and I wait on pins and needles for the story to continue.

  • ShaneTheBrain

    Per my signature file, my Loyalty is entirely unaffected by this very minor setback.

  • rxmd

    Looks like we've made Milestone 4 ;)

  • Dusso

    Will we get the black deck shipped? :D

  • Jasper3rd

    Cool, thanks for the update.  And continue your mental health break as needed :D

  • oakshield

    That's it, enjoy your life a bit. You guys have been updating this thing like madmen for so long now, a break is a necessity. The only thing that I don't like is that I've forgotten some key information. But hey, always a pleasure to go through the story again and remember stuff.


    Enjoy the time off.

  • kevistrophic

    No biggie. I'll still be here when you get back into it. Thanks for the heads-up!

  • alowe

    The Erfworld junkies cry in the night like pitiful cats trying to hit a note.

    Maybe what we need is a little interlude story to keep the cogs working but let the mind rest. Anyone got any suggestions how this would work.

    I think lumping pressure on Rob is both unfair and counter-intuitive. Can't we remove some of that pressure by doing something productive ourselves?

  • tigerusthegreat

    Alowe, I think we've all been in the same situation that we are very concerned will happen now: A creator gets burned out to the point where he or she just never gets back on track.  It takes a few different forms, but it is not unusual for a vacation to be a trigger.  Erfworld has survived worse (website issues, artists leaving, etc) and I sincerely hope it will survive this hiatus/vacation.  


    However, that doesn't make us not worry.  We care about Erfworld.  We care about Rob, Xin, and the rest of the team.    Heck, lots of us have been trucking along with this story for 10+ years (myself included).  We are happy that Rob had a chance to have what seemed like a beautiful wedding (cough pictures cough) and is taking a well deserved vacation, but it's not just the hiatus that inspires worry.  


    • There are backer stories not finished.
    • Other kickstarter rewards/tool rewards are not finished (I believe someone mentioned pinup postcards as one of these things)
    • The new funding level just achieved means even more things are on the backlog that need to be done.
    • The main story seems to be lagging.
    • The pace of updates has progressively slowed down, as has the "meatiness" of their content.  


    Don't get me wrong, the story of erfworld writ large is amazing, and updates are of high quality.  The artwork has been (on a whole) great as well, especially level of detail (I recall blowing up the book 1 comics and noticing all kinds of tiny details that were carefully put in).   It feels (IMHO) that Rob is struggling at managing the whole thing, and likely can't afford to hire someone to manage all of these things.  He may also be overwhelmed in terms of what he has to write (to accomplish his goals he needs to not only write two updates a week, one of which is a big blob of text, but also additional scripting to build his backlog).  


    I wish Rob the best and am sending him my energy, but I am worried, like many others, that he may feel too overwhelmed.


  • eras10

    It would be nice to get another update soon. We're halfway to September. 

    It's nice to hear what you're thinking. The act of communicating doesn't change whatever start schedule you may or may not have.

  • Drache Graethe

    I hope you're recovering OK! And don't get discouraged...I think I saw the on-time-update number/toolshed drop again somehow, but that's just a small number of people. And hopefully it resolves more when there's more to see, read, enjoy, and know! Still hoping for MORE information, since this is pretty detail/specifics light, but I expect most of us are sticking around, whether or not we WANT to. It's too good of a story to just leave!


  • Drache Graethe

    I hope you're recovering OK! And don't get discouraged...I think I saw the on-time-update number/toolshed drop again somehow, but that's just a small number of people. And hopefully it resolves more when there's more to see, read, enjoy, and know! Still hoping for MORE information, since this is pretty detail/specifics light, but I expect most of us are sticking around, whether or not we WANT to. It's too good of a story to just leave!


  • nargbop

    Looking forward to the resumption of one of the best stories on the web.

  • Bigbydubz

    I love this comic.  I've been here for a long time, reading updates from GITP from almost day one.  I've chipped in on kickstarters and this site is a regular on my daily favorites list.  The last thing I want is to see this site/story tank.  More and more lately the "artistic woes" are starting to bleed into "blatant unprofessionalism".  I understand that this is a group of artists running the show here, and I love their product, but at the end of the day this is also a business, and as of now this business is not only failing itself, but failing it's fans/customers.  I understand needing more time, I do, and I've been patient, WE'VE been patient.  But nearly a whole month now and not even an update?  How long does it take to stop and type up a paragraph saying, "here's where we are, here's where we want to be, and here's about how long I think it will be to get here."?  It's basic common courtesy, something that appears to be long bereft of the people running this company.

    I'm pulling out.  I've spent a lot of money, and even more time, on you guys in the past, but this is where it stops.  I hope you guys get your collective stuff together and do right by your people, and if you update in the future I may even stop by to read it.  But I'm done reinforcing bad behavior.

    Good luck in the future.  I hope you find your center.

  • Snowgods

    I read a few web comics, and long hiatuses are really just par for the course. Yes they're frustrating, and Yes I would love to get back to the story. I would prefer that you a a hiatus rather than burn out.

    Of course saying that, could we have some information on where you guys are at, I do NOT want this to be one of those webcomics that suddenly dies.

  • orobouros

    Nearly 3 months with no comic.

    But telling people to expect six weeks or so and then stopping for 90 days instead is kind of the problem, more so than the length.  Estimating your delivery better will result in less fan resentment.  If we'd been told 90 days from the beginning, 

    I'm happy that Rob got married and he's entitled to enjoy that.  I'm happy nobody got hurt by the hurricanes and understanding that it disrupts life.  But other comic creators, realistically, have just as detailed plots and equally excellent art... and they do a WAY better job than Erfworld has ever done, especially lately, of delivering content.  I'm still a fan, and everyone's different.  But that's the reality:  Erfworld is one of the slowest-paced, agonizingly-slowly-updated comics I still read.  Combine that with how much effort and content and work goes into the vast marketing of merch and other commitments related to, but which are not, the Erf comic, and you can see why there's so little comic and so much else.  You're just working too hard on selling and not hard enough on having something that drives your sales.  If people are paying you nearly $2k per update, I don't see how you can either afford to miss so many or produce so few in the first place...

    If it drops any further into schedule hiatus or even slower pacing, and I will just drop it off my list of things I read and support, purely out of frustration, like I have so many others.  That'll be a sad day.

  • Coolerthanasnowstorm

    I had written out a big long post, but eh, it's silly to complain. I love this comic, but change needs to happen.

    We need 3 strong story lines a book, not every tom,steve, and hamster getting their own ark.

    We need MORE updates a week, not less, make two meaty text updates and one art update a week (I personally LOVE the giant text updates).

    I want to stay a fan, this is STILL my favorite web comic, but when I look at the level of work done by comics like Pixie trix and Questionable Content (OGLAF is updating more frequently then Erfworld is at this point)... I don't understand how 3-5 people can't get out 100 comics a year... when one person at Questionable can get out 250+ by himself (with a busted up hand too!).

    I've been a fan since issue one, I want to be a fan by the last issue also.