We're back! New page by Xin and Lillian!

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By balder Comments (52)

Hey, everybody, we're ready to get this roller coaster running again!


This is our first page with Lillian on inks and colors. If you're as impressed as I am with how beautifully she has stepped into the role, please welcome her to the team and let her hear about it!


As I mentioned in prior news posts, we're going to need to slacken the pace of updates from about 100 a year to about 80. There were a number of different ways I thought about doing that, but I settled on this approach: Update schedule will still be Tuesdays and Fridays, but expect us to miss about two updates a month, without announcements.


I'm going to keep an eye on everybody's pace and productivity as we go (especially mine), and I'm going to call a skip when I think it will be most beneficial to our process. That will not mean we don't have a buffer. It will just mean we're aiming to keep the buffer we have, and (by not overloading anyone) keep the team sane and happy. (Or at least as sane as we can be.) 


If I manage to find time to do backer stories, those will happen on Sundays. "On time updates" will still have to happen by midnight on the Tuesday or the Friday to count, but skips are skips and they just don't count as update days.


I realize this will result in some days being a disappointment, but if we do skips on an "as needed" basis instead of scheduled, then there's the possibility that we'll find we're comfortable doing more than 80 in a year. Maybe a month will go by with no skips, which would never happen if we said "every other Friday is a miss" or something. Bottom line is, I think this will work out better and result in more total updates.


Thanks as always for your kind support and patience. I really needed the break. Now please fasten your safety belts and keep your hands inside the car while the ride is moving, because heeeeere we go!


  • orobouros

    Sorry, Rob.  You do what you gotta do, it's your show after all.  But 25% less comic (when there was already very little comic and a very high advertising-to-comic ratio here to begin with) flat-out sucks.  Tell me you're breaking in the new team, feeling things out for a while, great.  But "We're just not going to do our jobs 1/4 of the time, and we're not even going to say so, so that we keep getting page hits and ad revenue from them while people look for a comic that isn't there?"  That's borderline shady, man.

    If this is going to be your livelihood, I'd work on a little more integrity and ethic if I were you.

  • Brony83

    @oro: Sorry, but there is no way that this update policy was done because of potential increased ad revenue or shadiness or whatever. I've been around Erfworld ever since they started at Giantitp and Rob is the opposite of that. He is more like one of those protagonists from the backer stories. wink

    @Kelibath: Yes, I think you're on to something, because in my Erfworld experience something similar to this has already happened:
    Some time ago there was one month where Rob forgot to charge for one of the updates, so instead of charging it in the next month he made a separate charge and thus ate additional PayPal fees, because - as he told me via E-Mail after I inquired - he didn't want people to become "sticker shocked" in the next month. I then told him that I prefer it when my money goes to Erfworld than to PayPal. smile