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Volume 16 - The Life and Adventures of Sir Edelbert Spore

The Life and Adventures of Sir Edelbert Spore

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Volume 16


The Journal of Sir Edelbert Spore


Turn 4778 - Good Evening Journal,


We now have five cities; The Crafty Crags, Riverside, Cliffside, Hilltop, and Laftrak. Each is level five except Hilltop which we have only raised to level three until I can fly out to perform the full upgrade. I doubt many sides have expanded with the might with which the Mushroomish Kingdom has already. We are running out of stored funds though. The mines and farms we are claiming will be invaluable in ensuring our future. Income from these level fives is substantial as well. This was always the plan, spend big to establish ourselves for long term survival.


The Jesters are an interesting group. They remind me fondly of the Toons I once encountered. A group of courtiers, they have survived by selling units to the nearby Darkest Knights. This combined with their meager city income to provide upkeep to their band of fools, musicians, and merrymakers. I find myself impressed at their ability to maintain such a precarious relationship with a side. As for them joining us, Quinn now holds the official title of Court Jester. We will also continue to occasionally pop Jesters from Laftrak, to provide entertainment to the side. This seemed a fair enough arrangement to me and similar to what I promised the fishermen in Riverside.


Peaches spent the last turn blessing Laftrak’s adjacent farms. They will each be producing considerably more provisions per turn. The staff is doing wonders for her. I would not be surprised if she hits Adept soon. She shows great promise as a caster and a good deal of innovation as well.


From the Jester’s intel, we have learned of the Darkest Knight Kingdom to the southwest. Apparently, they are large enough and far enough away that they had no desire to claim Laftrak or its tendency to pop silly units. Instead they occasionally paid a minor fee to have the barbarians pop more courtiers. I have trouble guessing why a side would do this, especially with the farms near Laftrak. Maybe they were approaching having too many city levels.


The Prefecture has also provided us with a great deal of new intelligence in exchange for a contingent of various rock golem. Most important was the existence of Tarzania, our neighbors to the north. Queen Jane is an extreme individual and her side reflects that. They have been at war with the Ford Prefecture for many turns. It was a Tarzanian ambush that croaked Uncle Henry. Their war has come to a stalemate because of terrain. The Tarzanians are a jungle side and cannot easily push into the hills and plains that the Prefecture primarily occupies. When they learn of us we will not have the same advantage. Our rainforest is lush, even the Crags was a rainforest hex before becoming a city. Hopefully we can avoid them for some time and then negotiate peace.


King Amanita contacted the Empress of the Silent but Deadly Empire, Betty Toots. Things went well apparently and I have been scheduled to meet with their Chief Signamancer tomorrow in the Glade of the Hippiemancers.  If we can negotiate peaceful terms than the marching column of golem will have to be redirected, maybe toward the Darkest Knights in the southeast or Tarzania in the north. We cannot afford to keep all those golem if we are not going to use them in battle.




A group of casters waited anxiously, seated around a Foolamancy fire, inside a yurt in the Hippie’s Glade. The group was divided into three pairs. One pair dressed in black and white with a three-circle crest on their raiment. Another set shared a mushroom crest and jovial smiles. The last pair seemed to hold nothing in common at all.


“I am Walt Dismay, First Popped Caster and Chief Signamancer of the Silent but Deadly Empire.” A well-dressed unit addressed the Mushroomish delegation. He wore a clean white suit with a black bow tie and sported a thick black mustache. The man was flawlessly clean and groomed “It is our pleasure to engage in negotiations with a young side. This is my second, Healomancer Anna Sthesia.”  He gestured at a tall gaunt woman to his left, sharing similar black and white Signamancy. She nodded in response.


Edelbert smiled his most winning grin, even though he did not feel it.  “Allow me to introduce Princess Peaches, daughter of the Mushroomish King. I am Sir Edelbert Spore, Chief Dirtamancer of the Mushroomish Kingdom. We are honored by your willingness to meet and we hope this can be the start of a long and peaceful relationship between us.”


“Absolutely.” Peaches interjected. She was especially committed to making this work. She saw it as her duty because of her discipline. Fostering peace was a core principle of Flower Power.


“I have been eager to meet you for a long time Edelbert. May I call you Edelbert?” Walt continued without pausing. “This is Calvin Endar, who’s home we are sitting in”


“Pleasure to meet you both. Please just call me Cal.” The Date-a-mancer smiled but it did not follow into his eyes. His blonde hair was nearly white and stood out against the browns and blues of his clothing and yurt.


“And this…” Walt smoothly resumed “is Gyro, Master Turnamancer. They are both friends of our side and I have asked them to witness our parley to ensure no foul play.


The small man had a slightly crazed look, with too large goggles magnifying his eyes. His shock of red hair burst in all directions. Grey coveralls made up the bulk of his attire, which was hung with various spinning metal baubles. “Hello. To that end.” The little man took over. “I have here a document of peaceful intentions and terms of parley, fairly straight forward. It is a mere formality and we have all four already signed. If you, Edelbert and Peaches, could read and sign then we can begin in earnest.”


“No problem.” Edelbert said “Let me send this back for appraisal, then we can sign and continue.”


Anna leaned forward slightly. “Do you not have the authority Chief? Strange.”


“Oh, I do. Since you have a master Signamancer though, I would prefer to be safe. I hope you understand.” Edelbert responded as he Dittoed the agreement. Then he popped the copy in his sending hat and poof, it was gone.


The response was instant, a thinkagram from Vi. “You should be fine. The nonaggression clause is detailed but agreeable. I recommend a pinky swear with the barbarians though. By the letter of the agreement they can cast non-offensive spells without letting either side know. If they are friends of the SDE, I would suggest caution.”


“Thank you Vi.” Edelbert said in his head and out loud. Then also aloud “I will need Cal and Gyro to pinky swear not to cast on us without our permission. Is this acceptable to everyone?”


Both Gyro and Cal looked to Walt for their answer, which was not a good sign. A move like that basically guaranteed they were in the employ of the SDE. Even if they were not, at least they were ‘friendly’ enough to be deferential.


 Chief Dismay seemed to consider for a moment. “I asked them to cast simple sensory spells from their disciplines. They will swear to ask permission but I want it beforehand to cast their first spells.”


Peaches looked to Edelbert with a smile. He nodded back. “It should be alright if you explain to us all what it is you perceive. Besides we get to see some interesting new magic.”


“Well, I will go first.” Cal stood, moved a step closer to the Mushroomish delegation and raised his little finger. “I hereby Pinky Swear to not cast any spell in this meeting without express permission. World Wide Web.” The man’s eyes flashed white for a moment after finishing the simple incantation.


“I suppose I might as well get it over with.” Gyro said without standing. “I too pinky swear what he said. And sorry Walt. I do not even need to cast. My senses are already enough to tell me that these two are powerfully loyal to their king and side. I will cast if you want but I doubt I will get any good news.”


Walt’s expression showed clear annoyance. “No Gyro, I trust you. Thank you for your assessment. Cal what about you?”


“They are deeply bound to many units of their side, especially the Dirtamancer.” The Date-a-mancer looked somehow afraid. “Even if they Turned it would take a great deal of casting to make them happy with a new side. Doable, but difficult. It is clear they have been cast upon by a Date-a-mancer, bonds this strong rarely occur naturally.”


Peaches let the man finish but spoke up quickly enough to grab the conversation. “What do you mean Turn? I’m not Turning. Why do you need to know these things about us!”


At nearly the same time Anna spoke. “That is disappointing.”


Walt for his part covered his annoyance quite quickly. “It is one of our terms of vassalage. The new side must contribute one caster to the Empire. We had hoped to get you Edelbert, but your condition is troubling news. I may be convinced to take your Thinkamancer or your Date-a-mancer though. I have no need of another Florist dear, you are safe with your father.”


Edelbert chuckled lightly. “I suspect there has been a misunderstanding. We did not come to apply for vassalage. We are here to negotiate a long-term alliance. We are your equals not your underlings.”


“Misunderstanding indeed.” Walt smiled sharply. “Your so-called-King must not have grasped the full extent of his conversation with my Empress. It is understandable that such a young ruler would yet to have an acute political acumen. We are not seeking traditional alliance now or ever. It is rare that such an arrangement might even be considered. You simply do not qualify to be our ‘equal’. How many turns old is the Mushroomish Kingdom? We are of the thirteenth side to exist, ever!”


The atmosphere in the room had gotten extremely tense. Cal and Gyro were looking back and forth between Edelbert and Walt. Peaches was glaring at the opposing casters. Anna seemed disinterested. No one was smiling any longer.


Chief Spore broke the silence. “How dare you insult my King and side. Do not forget, I have encountered your side before. You are without honor. Violence and trickery are your preferred means. Your daemon have broken their code. I will not negotiate with such brutes as you. We will not be your vassal nation, we will be your conquerors. Did you have anything else to say, I have important business I could be attending to.”


“Actually, I do.” Chief Dismay said with an oddly kind tone. He then removed a scroll from his magic pocket “This is a formal declaration of war. We will see you soon Edelbert.”


“I think it is best we leave.” Peaches quickly added.


“I wish I could say it was nice meeting you Gyro and Cal. Maybe sometime again.” Edelbert finished up.


The Mushroomish pair stood and left the yurt without further comment.


Walt allowed a few moments of awkward silence to pass before finally speaking. “I guess that means we will have to destroy their side to recruit the Dirtamancer. Should be no major concern.”




Edelbert sat down at the large round table on the Horizon Pavillion. “It went terribly Arthur. I lost my cool and did not represent our side to the best of my abilities.”


“It was not Edelbert’s fault Dad. Walt was clearly trying to provoke us. Besides their terms were already out of the question. They are not very good people from what I hear.” Peaches meant every word of it.


Arthur held up his hand to stop his daughter. “I understand. I was not realistically expecting peace with the Silent but Deadly Empire. We had to make the effort though. This means we will be following the attack plan as decided upon?” He looked to Chief Kernel.


“Yes Sire. We will finish moving the golem to the location. Edelbert will fly out tomorrow and begin construction on the level 3 fort. After that we should have an acceptable force of Arrow Frogs. With the golem and the frogs, we should have a potent invasion force. They are a ground power from all our intel says. If the SDE tries to retaliate we know we have them at a bottleneck, which we will have heavily fortified. The nearest city of theirs we have found is forty-two hexes to the southeast, Bogslog. That is our target, just to bloody their nose a bit.”


Edelbert thought the plan was solid. “Another advantage we have is that the SDE believes we have a Thinkamancer and a Date-a-mancer. At least at first it will cause them to be wary of us. We need to maintain that deceit as long as possible. Turnip, can you begin using your abilities on any units you have an opportunity?”


“Glum glum.” The daemon Chief seemed annoyed.


VI huffed loudly “Are you serious Spore? Turnip uses its abilities more than any two of the rest of us. Why do you think they assumed we have a Date-a-mancer? You need to reread the Daemondex. What do you think it is doing when it has been chanting during all those conversations? Not to mention battles! Did you really think it was just muttering to itself rather than fighting?”


King Arthur raised his hand and ordered silence. “What is the Daemondex?”


“It is a book.” Edelbert easily broke the silence. “The tome explains the culture and varieties of daemon that exist. Very fascinating, it has been a few thousand-turn since I have looked at it. Arthur, Kernel, you should both read this book. I have a copy in my private study”



Turn 4779 – Hello Journal,


Another visit to the MK without getting to explore a bit. It is a shame. I ship out again tomorrow and will be away for a good many turns. The time will come, I am certain.


I spent much of the turn working with Peaches and the Toadie. She is convinced that we can manifest new varieties by casting onto our allies. There is no reason I can see why it would not work so we are giving it a shot. Today did not produce any dramatic results, however I do believe we made progress toward a workable spell. Given some time, I see Peaches theory panning out. Mother is ecstatic.


Our peace talks were disappointing to say the least. Not surprising though. I was shocked they agreed to meet us at all.


Arthur has begun reading the Daemondex, per my suggestion.  I think he will gain much from it.



            Turn 4780 – Good Evening Journal


It feels good to be doing some real Dirtamancy. I realized that I am still learning even after my Mastery. This means I have not reached any sort of cap or limit to my knowledge, I have simply attained the highest statistical rank available. Or have I?


Constructing a fort will be fun. Like the old days when I was remodeling the Ruins. Everything will be ground up and by my design.


If I use my Quartzerstaff, I can improve the fort and still have enough Juice leftover to add an enhancement to a golem. I have been trying to incorporate more of my Dollamancy into their designs recently. The principles of Motion do not apply as easily to Dirtamancy golem as one might expect. There are similarities between certain principles of both disciplines though. The major thing I have emphasized lately is incorporating magical gear directly into the body of the new units. This provides specialty units without raising their upkeep, it only cost Juice. The down side is items incorporated into golem are difficult to scavenge after a golem is croaked, sometimes even impossible.



            Turn 4782 – Oh sweet Peaches,


So far, her progress has been impressive. She has already developed a spell to make a Toadie into a Heavy. She wants to make it so the Toadie can just pop the Heavies themselves, but I assured her that is a much more complicated spell. She was not dissuaded. I suspect little will dissuade her. I appreciate the tenacity that the princess exhibits. Some day she may well take my position Chief Caster.


Otherwise things are going swell at home. Arthur has ordered Hilltop to begin popping a warlord. They should be available in twenty turns. We certainly need more leadership. The Toadie have claimed a few new mines, so maybe we will have the spare funds to promote a couple soon, at least for city maintenance.



            Turn 4785 – Good news from Harv,


The prefecture sent us all the intel they had on the SDE, which was a lot. We have had a Toadie scribe organizing and filtering all that information. I finally got to see the notes taken from this intel and I found it very interesting.


Apparently, Empress Betty Toots is the second ruler of their side. She dethroned her father, King Mickey, in a dispute that was entirely internal. This was thousands of turns ago, near the beginning of my life.


The King was an ally of the Prefecture and a benevolent ruler, preferring honorable combat to the guile which is their currently preferred tactic. The Empress is power hungry and Royalist. She has claimed two vassal nations in her reign. Both now have regents where they had Overlords. Apparently, they are eager to expand. Harv is certain the SDE would have attacked the Prefecture if not for the large distance and difficult terrain separating them.


Prefect Ford has expressed concerns that if we fall to the SDE then his side will be next. King Arthur has assured the Prefect that we will not allow this to happen.



            Turn 4788 – Enemy Contact Today,


A group of scouts led by a warlord were discovered trying to sneak past the fort today. Luckily, they were spotted and apprehended. We croaked the scouts but captured the warlord.


Our intention is to turn her but there has been a problem so far, she does not appear to have Language. At the very least she will not speak or make a sound. When she gets excited she begins waving her hands in the air in complicated patterns. I suspect she is trying to communicate but I have no idea what she means. She will be shipped back to the capital. Maybe Vi can decode this mystery.


Could this be why they are called the Silent but Deadly Empire?



            Turn 4790 – Interesting Development Journal,


The Toadie have finally popped a leadership unit. In all the turns I have known them, this is the first. It was, in fact, beginning to seriously worry us. We had considered that possibly the diversity of the tribe had decreased their spawn chances for leadership units. That still may be true but the curse is at least lifted.


Apparently, leadership is supposed to Pop randomly amongst Natural Allies units as they are generated. They have no control over this but it is supposed to be much more common than it has been for our Toadie in the past.


The new unit is being dispatched out to the fort as a semi-permanent posting. Having leadership will ensure the forts defensive effectiveness and should provide ample xp opportunities. We could certainly use some higher level commanders.


I am also being assigned a Thinkshroom to travel with me. This will allow me to stay in greater communication with the side, especially Peaches.



            Turn 4793 – Good Times Journal,


The fort is done. It has been an extremely rewarding experience to build this structure up from bare ground. This is no small defensive emplacement either. This is a maximized +3 Fort.  I even stayed this extra turn to install a series of traps. The column of golem arrived a few turns ago and continued on their way to Bogslog. I have had an idea and will ride out to travel with them tomorrow, at least for a couple of turns.


The SDE cannot possibly expect this sort of show of force from such a fledgling side. We will teach them not to underestimate us in the future.



            Turn 4795 – How Are You Journal?


My plan has worked perfectly. With a fraction of a turns juice I can install a path within a hex. Functionally a path makes a hex into a road hex, but only for a few short turns. I am spending minimal juice so our paths only will last a turn. What this means however is that my golem and the Bull Frogs can pass through the local terrain much more easily than normal.


Chief Claypool says this massive boost in move will get us to Bogslog four turns faster than initially expected, which will drastically hinder the ability of the SDE to respond. This apparently changes the whole strategy for this campaign. If our attack force can move without terrain penalties then we can hit the enemy hard and fast despite our relatively low move ground units. The Empire will not be able to respond quickly, especially because they are a ground power to their core. Kernel is even talking about the possibility of a capital strike if things go well in our first few battles.


The major downside of this plan will be that I am expending much of my Juice each day on this mode of travel. I will also be required to stay with the column for the duration of the campaign, which could be dozens of turns. I am making the most of this however. With my excess Juice each turn I will be installing more Dollamancy upgrades to the golem. This will give them various specialty capabilities. For instance, I have begun incorporating flight items into a stack of Hard Rock Golem. My plan is for them to act as a screen for the Chief Warlord when we charge into battle. Having all those Hits and Defense blocking for the flyers will save many of their lives. The Arrow Frogs are still a rare commodity for our side. Golem are not.



            It was turn 4798 for Sir Edelbert Spore and he was beginning to develop a headache. Battle sounds pounded against his skull.  The Thwump Thwump Thwump of the Bull Frogs against the gate was particularly obnoxious. He was currently leading siege to smash into the city of Bogslog, a drowned level two in the middle of some deep swamp hexes. For the moment he felt relatively safe. His golem were screening for himself and the few Bull Frogs. Besides, the enemy was no longer firing at them, or very much at least. The Dirtamancer knew that he could easily tear down the gate, but facing minimal resistance meant that it was better for him to save his Juice and let the Siege do what they did.


            Chief Claypool had been hard at work croaking any defenders left on the walls. After token resistance, the enemy had pulled most of its units into the garrison for the final defense against the Mushroomish invasion. Doing this meant that there was at least one warlord present within the city. There had been relatively few archery units so casualties were minimal and most of those were light golem. Kernels flying squadron had been quite impressive so far in the engagement but were not going to be vital in the final push. The Chief Warlord would likely charge in with the golem, Edelbert assumed.


            ThwumpBoom…ThwumpBoom…ThwumpCrack. The gate splintered and bent inward at an awkward angle. Edelbert sighed with relief “Finally, okay golems in first. Bull Frogs hold position and come in after it is cleared.”  After another round of attacks, the gate came down completely. A stack of Hard Rock Golem charged in and met no immediate resistance. The street seemed completely abandoned.


            Inside, the city was suspended on poles and floating platforms. Muddy streets ran back and forth, between and even underneath some of the structures. Everything was of plank wood construction, with thatched rooves and open windows.  As a Dirtamancer, Edelbert could sense there was nothing special about the makeup of the city. No one had put any care into its layout or Signamancy. This was just a simple backwater town in the middle of some rather difficult terrain. The place had a certain natural beauty to it though, laid out as the Titans saw fit.


             A sudden swoosh drew Edelbert’s attention upward at Chief Claypool’s stacks, descending right toward him. The Arrow Frogs and their Knights hovered while the flying Hards and Kernel touched down in the mud next to Edelbert.


“Hello there Eddie, my friend” Kernel said as he came to a stop.


“Do not call me Eddie, Kernel.” The Dirtamancer said with too much aggression. He immediately regretted snapping. “Sorry Chief. I greatly prefer my full name to any abbreviations.”


“Whoa there, sorry about that partner. Anything you need to report Chief Edelbert?” Claypool smirked. He had no idea what the name Eddie really meant to his caster counterpart.


            “Well, the entire dungeon zone is flooded but I am not sensing any easy entrances. They may have some aquatic units down there, which could be troublesome. What is the attack plan for the garrison? I assume full frontal assault? The golem and I are ready.”


            Kernel smiled at his Chief Caster. He appreciated Edelbert as a caster who thought about battle and strategy, even if he was not always very creative. “Not this time, but I see why that was what you were thinking. Instead, I am going to take all the Knights and flying golem up to the tower. We will attack from above while you and the rest of the army attack the garrison walls and then courtyard. They will either divide to face us both or they will focus on you and allow my units to cut through them. Either way we will be facing a weakened and flanked force. This should proceed relatively well.”


             At that, Kernel took to the air again. As he and his stack rose toward the tower, he issued commands to the assembled army. The mass of golem feet marched steadily into the city, squelching in the mud all the way. Their advance went unopposed up until the garrison walls. In fact, the city was eerily quiet except for the sounds the Mushroomish army made.


             Edelbert’s golem stepped in front of him as a barrage of arrows came down, clearly targeting him and his stack. His screen held, but there were an abnormal number of critical hits. “Terracotta Archers, return fire!” The Dirtamancer commanded. “Siege to the front, Heavy golems screen.” The Twumping began again.


Suddenly the air filled with projectiles. Arrows, darts, and boulders rained down off the garrison walls and began to pummel the attackers, particularly his own stack. Edelbert could feel golems going down all around him and he knew something was off. His units had no special weakness to ranged attacks and were all high Defense. Casualties were too high, he had to do something. The Dirtamancer and his golem charged forward to the wall itself. “Seismic Slam” he cast as he crashed his fist into the barrier. Nothing seemed to happen at first. Then a fissure opened in the ground at his feet and spread up the wall like spider webs. The Hard Rocks charged forward and with a heavy slam of their own and a large section of wall came tumbling down, along with a few defenders.


As soon as the wall crashed down another barrage of projectiles collided into Edelbert’s stack. This time the darts struck true and the caster felt two separate hits. Neither caused much damage but he could sense the poisons seeping into his body immediately. It was clear the enemy was trying for him specifically. Without time to analyze the poison, he just cast a quick antidote spell.


Immune to poisons, the mass of the golem army charged into the gap and began melee with the SDE troops. The enemy was clearly prepared but also drastically out numbered. They would certainly fall, the question was how much damage would they do to the Mushroomish forces.


Ploink. An arrow struck into the back of a Hard Rock in Edelbert’s screen with another critical strike. This gave him just enough time to see the surprise attack coming but not enough time to respond. Three stacks collided into the back of the casters stack. Dolliwog, Swamp Twolls, and a number of fishmen that Edelbert did not recognize unleashed Hellabad onto his units. Four of his seven Hards croaked instantly and the other three were significantly injured. Oddly, none of the attacks were against Edelbert himself.


A level 2 warlord stacked with the twolls yelled, “Grab him and retreat!”. Then tossed something shiny into the air. Two massive twollish hands grabbed Edelbert by the waist and hoisted him up onto the beast’s shoulders. The aquatic units responded to their warlord as if this had been the plan all along. They broke off their attack, then as one, bolted back the way they had come. The SDE units did not seemed hampered by the mud and slime.


In his surprise Edelbert had one thought and it was a desperate one. The Chief Caster issued an order to his Chief Warlord “Help me, NOW”


Something big moved to intercept the fleeing stack and the cudgel like tongues of the Bull Frogs began flailing amongst their watery foes. From above a volley of barbs fell as Arrow Frogs came plummeting down off the tower. Edelbert for his part wiggled and resisted as much as he could, which was unfortunately little. The twoll had him in a strong double handed grip.


The scene had become complete chaos, which Edelbert assumed was normal for a battle. Ahead the SDE units were making for a hidden hatchway that presumably led to the flooded dungeon zone. The warlord reached into a pocket and threw out multiple shiny objects. This time Edelbert noticed them disappear in midair.


Another barrage of barbs rained down but this time not a single hit. Sir Spore was beginning to suspect something very odd was happening in this battle. He intended to figure it out, if he could escape his current predicament.


A giant tongue smashed into the face of the twoll carrying the caster. For just a moment the beast’s hand slipped and Edelbert was free to wiggle his arm free. Without hesitation he drew his Speedstrike Hammer and smashed it down upon the remaining fingers of the offending twoll, who blessedly let go. The Dirtamancer felt no fear as he fell, for as soon as he made contact with the ground he cast “Lee Jones Robinson”. Spikes erupted from the ground all around him. Suddenly the fleeing SDE was taking damage from moving and Edelbert could feel the bumps of xp as some of them croaked.


The enemy warlord responded well for his part. The remaining twolls all went for Edelbert while the other units began screening, no longer attempting escape. At this point it was too late however, a bulk of golem had broken off from the main assault and were converging on the smaller battle. The SDE were being completely overrun.


“If I must croak, I will take you with me Crapamancer.” Using one hand the warlord flipped out another shiny object as the other stabbed deep toward Edelbert’s belly with a fierce looking dagger. They did not look it, but Edelbert’s preferred robes were heavily enchanted for defense. So, when the dagger sliced right through and into his gut, there was a moment of great surprise for the caster. Unfortunately for the warlord, it was not the Crit that he needed. The next moment a large tongue smashed against the side of his head and his eyes went to x’s.


Edelbert was severely hurt but not incapacitated, he only had two Hits left. Spore took a moment to gauge the situation and found things to be going well. Other than his distraction, it seemed the garrison fight had been fairly straight forward. The last visible units were being mopped up and Kernel was probably doing the same in the tower. That would only leave any aquatic units hidden in the dungeon.


“Let us see what you have got for me friend.” Edelbert said as he knelt to the body of the former commander. The first thing he checked was that dagger, he assumed it had to be magical to penetrate his robes so cleanly. It was not. Disappointed, he continued the search. None of the warlord’s other gear was special but he did have something odd. Two identical gold coins rested in the pants pocket of the croaked man. Each coin was smooth on one side and embossed on the other. In a circle around a clover shape the coins read, Lee Prechaun’s Golden Token.


All around, a gong sounded and the city became part of the Mushroomish Kingdom. Tomorrow he would raise Bogslog to a level three and the campaign would continue.




The Daemondex by Findamancer Red Ketchup


-#107- Eyescreem (basic)– These frosty little daemon are flighty and quick.  With their Hover special they glide around playing games and generally causing mischief.


Their small stalk like body is accented by their thin tendril like feet. The tiny figure makes the large eye atop the stalk all the more exaggerated. Using natural Lookamancy these creatures avoid contact with enemy units, preferring to forage for upkeep. This does not seem to me to be a tendency toward peace but in fact a survival mechanism. Each of these units usually have a single Hit.


Having Eyescreem on a side is very useful. The combination of their low cost, high speed, and Lookamancy makes these units ideal for scattering amongst an army. They are invaluable scouting units.



-#108- Yuscreem (intermediate)– A Yuscreem’s appendages all develop considerably, granting a mutidexterous ability to attacks made by the creature. It is regular for Yuscreem to be a dark blue.


These daemon enhance their previous Lookamancy with a variety of offensive spells, eye beams and paralysis being very common. Yuscreem are considerably more aggressive than their lower form. They will gather Eyescreem followers. Then will utilize their Lookamancy to track foes and swarm them. This tactic is hard on the low hit units but they are also cheaply replenished. A Yuscreem leader can gain considerable xp using this hunting method. It is not uncommon to see mid to high level examples leading swarms in the icy areas these daemon are native to.



-#109- Allscreem (advanced)– This large floating mass of eyes and tentacles gains a considerable boost to its stats and relative combat effectiveness. Although they gain no new special abilities these units are quite formidable.



Volume 17 – That is How the Bacon Crumbles