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Mine4erf Day 4 report - Holy hole in the ground, we're halfway there

Thursday's over and like every day since we started, it was the best day in the mines so far. Hashrate has grown every day and we're regularly seeing 45-65 people mining at a time on the pool dashboard. Amazingly, if every day going forward is like today, then we are at (a little) over 50 percent of our target.

What's the target for killing ads? There actually wasn't an obvious answer to that question, because ads go up and down with the seasons and ebbs and flows in our page views and probably sorcery somewhere. We also don't know if a whole bunch of people are going to get tired of mining and drop out. I would really really like to avoid saying, "um, we have to bring ads back because Mine4erf stopped being a better option."

We finally settled on average historical performance for March, April and May of last year, which (if I'm putting up numbers I might as well paint the whole picture) was $137.56 a day.

You make $50,000 a year on ads?? You greedy boop

...I did mention it was a lot of money. Ads are a hard drug to quit. Tools don't see ads (if you're logged in), but lots of people read Erfworld and don't subscribe, so I've had to sell your eyeballs. I don't sell 'em cheap. It's like a buck and a quarter for every thousand ads served.

I want to say two things about this number, though.

First, keep in mind that we are not trying to raise $50,000 or add $50,000/year by mining crypto. I'm desperately looking for a way to give up $50,000 a year, so you don't have to put up with ads here anymore (and neither do I). A relatively tiny number of people loaning their processor power can essentially buy AdBlock for everybody else on this site.

Second, that ad money is why we have a website. It's how half the team gets paid. The tech half. The half that makes us go. As much as I want ads gone, I can't kill them until I can answer, "well how do we pay Red, John, and Brendan?"

So far, Mine4erf is making a good case for itself as an answer to that question.

Gem sales were also active! This wee beauty was bought for 1899 Shmuckers. One of a bunch of gems that were bought on the market in the last 24 hours.    




Gems being mined: 23 yesterday not counting free spins.


And I am happy to report that in 40 total spins this week, on the second to last one, I got a small green gem with no glow, worth one point. I'm a marbit, and this gem is the color of a dirty green gobwin. I called it "Little Booger" to match "Little Booper." That's 1 point for Team Marbit, and let's GO PINKZ!



Any offers? Wanna boogie?


  • tanonev

    On the topic of ways to support the comic, is there currently a way to directly sink Shmuckers so Rob & team can immediately claim the income?  If not, can there be one?  While I appreciate the sentiment that you want Shmuckers to represent some sort of "real value", if part of the motivation for this mining project is to have an income source that isn't tied to store credit and the production costs that are associated with it, then I would much rather be able to have my pledge be a straight donation.  After all, if you're okay with accepting ETH mining as a contribution in exchange for virtual gems that have no "real value", I don't see any philosophical reason not to accept currency directly, whether it be ETH or USD.

  • Valareos

    Technically you coukd deposit ETH right into their account...

  • balder

    @tanonev I really appreciate your wanting to. I think I need to answer, "hang on a little while." You can tip the Titans in Shmuckers, but I don't want you to end up regretting that later on.

    There are a lot of questions flowing in and new ideas about the Shmucker economy bubbling up. Since Mine4erf is working and people dig (*cough*) the gems, then I think the other stuff we've planned with minifigs and other virtual goodies might lead to some uses for Shmuckers that you would be interested in, and/or ways to use Shmuckers by way of direct support to the team. It's going to take us a bit of time to think things through before I can give a better answer than that.

  • Bandaid

    @ Rob

    At the time I write this it is actually not possible to tip you in your Balder or Titan account. At least not your Balder comments and on both of your profile pages.