The Turning of the Tide

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  • dmolla

    hahaha, love this!

  • Yshl

    Yeah but now if we don't win I am eating some serious crow. Don't let me down! I don't wanna eat crow!

  • Salvage

    Go Team Marbit!

  • Bandaid

    I would like to point out, that at the moment I write this, an almost neck to neck race is not exactly a rout. If the gobwins should win you would indeed look a bit silly with this submission. Well, perhaps we get a tie, that might be for the best.

  • Yshl

    I'd rather a tie as well, everybody wins, tbh. I'm just having fun and we were getting stomped so badly in the beginning that this feels like a rout. :)

  • Jay103

    I'd like to point out that that was a Gobwin rout in the comic tongue-out

    Not that my PC is powerful enough to help, but I AM on the Gobwin team..

  • Yshl

    Yeah, Jay103, I'm making liberal use of book 1 art and dialogue, to say the least. laughing

    Man, I'm ... embarassed ...I do this boop and don't expect it to get this level of attention. Look away! Go admire my daughter's budding art skills, not my clowning!

  • Linsaran

    I must confess I laughed quite heartily at this one. 

  • Yshl

    See? I didn't even ask the people in it! Don't hate them! I will eat the crow!

    (psst, Marbits, do NOT let me lose this now!!!)

  • ripple

    LOL.   dmolla had to "rig for PLAID" to put us <O> back into competition, but it's going to be close always is....

  • ArtyD

    Well I haven't seen balder in the list yet, perhaps he stopped spinning?

  • JadedDragoon

    :-P Silly bugger. There's always next month.

  • ripple

    Balder has been spinning occasionally  - currently at 10Mh/s and he's posted cards but he's not on the gems leaderboard.

    At the same time I think he has other focal points at present....

  • Merilynne

    tongue-out  I'm a Gobwin this month!  Y'all are determined not to let me get that badge!   laughing

  • Stevon Eiht Nane

    Success! Everyone do the Ballroom Marblitz!



    Everyone except those filthy Goblose...

  • Skull the Troll

    Meh its still 2-1 Gobwins. :)

  • Yshl

    That's right Skull! Let's show those little pink boop boopers how it's done!

    (guess who is a gobwin this month)