• Book 1
    New readers should start reading here. This is where the series all began, in December of 2006, at Giant in the Playground. 150 full color comic pages illustrated by Jamie Noguchi, plus two multi-update text epilogues also illustrated by Jamie.
  • Book 2
    This book began after we had moved to our own website in 2009. Xin Ye took over illustrating the comic, and we added text updates as well. 114 comic pages and 86 illustrated texts, all by Xin, plus 25 epilogue texts illustrated in color by David Hahn.
  • Book 3
    This is the current book in the series, updating twice per week. The first 95 illustrated texts and comic pages were drawn and colored by David Hahn. The book is now penciled by Xin Ye and inked and colored by Lauri Ahonen.
  • Book 0
    This is a prequel novel, looking far back in time to the origins of several of the characters in the series. New readers should probably not start with this one but jump to it after reading Book 1 (and possibly Book 2). The book is only about 2/3 written, and updates are planned to resume after Book 3 is complete. Pages are 1000-2500 words of prose, with one black & white illustration by Xin Ye.
  • Backer Stories
    Some of our most generous Kickstarter supporters have pledged at levels which earn them a Rob Balder written story or novella, about their counterpart character in Erfworld. These are standalone adventure tales set in Erfworld, all prose, with one illustration based on photos provided by the backer.
  • Fanfic Serials
    A whole bunch of our fans like to write and post stories in the Erfworld universe. So we have built a feature that allows fanfic creators to tie their story parts into a series. This goes to a table of contents page to all of these fan-created serials. Click to enjoy the impressive creativity and storytelling by the reader/writers in our community!