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I'm a DM of over 16 years, playing DnD mostly, doing construction work during the day, game development at night, book editing on the weekend, and actually playing games somewhere between all of that ;)

I live in Vancouver, and people have lots of things to love here, but to level with you I just love the food. I'm here because we have so much great stuff to eat! Being near the water means we can get the freshest sushi and the best fish and chips! I am always looking for new kinds of flavors to try out when I'm out on the town!

I've been spending the last year of my life doing volunteer work for a start-up indie game company called Crash Wave Games! I'm helping with their first release: The Iron Tides!

Outside of that, I spend a lot of time browsing the web and reading up on various news, posting to twitter, facebook, and sharing other peoples' cat videos to friends online.

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Games Enthusiast and Iron Tides Volunteer

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Painwalker (@JamesFrizell)

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