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Comic artist and creator from southern Indiana. I always loved Spiderman and Superman as a kid, but I didn't really get into comics until I met my friend Rob in high school in 1986. At the time, TMNT had created a huge market in independent comics, and we had this great idea for a comic, the "Vigilante Vegetables". Dreams about producing that as a comic remained all the way through college as my best friend Paul took over the reigns as writer. And then life happened and everything comic/art related went quiet.

Fast forward until 2009, when I decided how much I missed drawing and creating comics, and so I began the journey to rediscover my art skills and learn about digital art tools by creating a webcomic named "Nate the Robot". I'm working on both comics now, as well as continuing to hone my art skills.

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Comic creator wanna be and all around nice guy.

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