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  • New beginning: day 6

    Previous   Prince Ray was awake before dawn. He ran over the numbers again and again, feeling a strange mixture of sickness and excitement. If he won here, he could save the side, maybe. If he lost, everyone here would croak and it would be his fault for not thinking of a solution. &nbs...

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  • New beginning: day 4

    Previous Next Ray rode into Ova in much higher spirits than he entered Toe Quay, even though his side was now down to two cities and an unstoppable army was bearing down on them. For one thing, this city didn't feel completely deserted. Along with the thirteen Shoujo, and Haru, there were thr...

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  • New beginning: day 5

    Previous Next Ray was looking over his maps when turn began. He'd spent most of the night with Hickory and Amy, working out a plan; they weren't Warlords and didn't have much intuition about combat, but they seemed to be the smartest units in the city other than Haru, who wasn't helpful. Betw...

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  • New beginning: day 1

    Next  Prince Ray's eyes popped open.   He took his first breath, and looked around. The sky was blue, the city was Level Five, there was an ocean hex visible behind him, and he could hear something roaring. It was the start of the day.   "You don't look like much."   ...

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  • New beginning: day 2

    Previous Next "I counted three warships and over a hundred transports, Prince."   "Drat. How many units is that?"   "I don't know. I'm water-capable, not seafaring. I saw four stacks on one's deck, so maybe that many? But I didn't get a good look; they fired when I got too near ...

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  • New beginning: day 3

    Previous Next  "What exactly is a Mahou Shoujo?"   He was walking with them again, heading for Ova. They had the move to arrive sometime next turn.   The strongest Shoujo was Hickory, a level three with freckles and pigtails. She seemed generally responsible; he'd loaned he...

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