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  • Erf Symphonia

    I was inspired to draw the following image when I read about the possibility of Parson traveling to Jetstone to talk with King Tramennis.  The idea is that Parson would bring Ace along with him through the portal as a bodyguard, and have him create some new outfits for the Jetstone casters a...

    Tags: Tales of Symphonia, Ace, Cubbins, Lloyd, Pierce, raiment

  • Money Makes the World Go Round - Part 9

    (Previous Chapter:   It took most of the remainder of the turn to set everything up. Luckily, Gobwin Knob was alone in all its hexes, so the day lasted as long as they needed, and with Jack taking on some o...

    Tags: Fanfic, OC, Moneymancer, Alternate History, Parson, Stanley, Cubbins, Vanna, Ace