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  • Revenge of the Demotivators!

    No One In Particular suggested a new thread for Erfworld Demotivators, and found a few of the better ones in the past. For that, he gets 20 Shmuckers. Let's see some new ones! (BTW ignore the timestamp on this post, it's a bug the dev team is working on) -Rob   To help promote some Communi...

    Tags: Demotivator, LOLerf, Don King, Bunny, Caesar, Tramennis, Stanley, Jack, Maggie, Great Minds that Think Alike, Decrypted, No one in particular

  • Wanda's Last Supper

    I was inspired to create this image of Wanda and some of her beloved decrypted units since she is scheduled to be executed in the near future.  I figured she could have one last get-together with her re-popped followers.   (NOTE: User was awarded 25 shmuckers for this post. -Rob)

    Tags: Wanda, Arkenpliers, Decrypted

  • Green dwagon fancomic

    Little fancomic of dwagons. NOTE: User was awarded 25 Shmuckers for this submission! -Rob

    Tags: fanart, fancomic, Stanley, dwagon, decrypted, Spruce

  • Shawn Bawn Special: Free-Style Slam

    Shawn Bawn, fates pawn, Had it all wrong, All is showing him his reprimand, Dealing him death Only not With the blessing of his new fate   Decrypted, enscripted, engaged, enraged, About to turn this style up, Grab yo guns, it’s about to get tough, Giving the fourth a hard tim...

    Tags: rhyme-o-mancy, Shawn Bawn, decrypted, caster, reading it wrong