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  • Revenge of the Demotivators!

    No One In Particular suggested a new thread for Erfworld Demotivators, and found a few of the better ones in the past. For that, he gets 20 Shmuckers. Let's see some new ones! (BTW ignore the timestamp on this post, it's a bug the dev team is working on) -Rob   To help promote some Communi...

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  • Zhopa Demotivator

      Not much else to say, really.

    Tags: Zhopa, Gelipede, Demotivator, No one in particular

  • Jojo Demotivator

      (Note: user received 10 Shmuckers for this submission -Rob)

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  • Erfworld Demotivator

    Well maybe it should.   (NOTE: User was awarded 10 shmuckers for this post. -Rob)

    Tags: Erfworld, Demotivator, Tabletop RPG, Cave of Doritos, Portals, Dangerous, but Delicious

  • Erfworld Demotivator 2

    Might make more sense if you've seen the first one.

    Tags: Erfworld, Demotivator, Cave of Doritos, Portals, Dangerous, but Delicious, Key Lime Pie

  • The Lighter Side of Charlie

      Well, we've been getting lot of serious Charlie discussion lately, so I thought I'd poke some fun at him. He has it coming. At least he's appreciate it.   I maintain that this is the best way to get rid of Charlie. Unless, of course, the Titan that lost his satellite dish comes loo...

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