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  • Spooky siege

    Spookism solutions for moving siege towers:   Turnamancy - Make it move itself! Dollamancy - Make somebody to move it! Weirdomancy - Just make it move!   (NOTE: User was awarded 25 Shmuckers for this post. -Rob)    

    Tags: fanart, Spookism, Turnamancy, Dollamancy, Weirdomancy, siege tower, battle bear, Spruce

  • The Overlord's New Clothes

    Thank you to Neceros for the seed idea.  -------------   Farah didn’t know if she’d live to be a dozen turns old.   "Clunk!" went the shuttle as it slammed into her hand.   Farah winced, but ignored the pain and kept moving the shuttle across the loom. She w...

    Tags: Courtier, Erfic, Fanfic, Dollamancy, Spicymancer

  • MasquerAce

    Honestly, Ace could dress up as himself, and he'd still look like an action hero.   (Note: user was awarded 25 Shmuckers for this post. -Rob)

    Tags: Ace, Sizemore, Bonnie, Jed, dollamancy, raiment

  • Chickpea

    Seized with a powerful urge to waste all of my time juice yesterday, I decided to try some dollamancy! Hadn't crocheted in forever, so it was pretty fun making this little guy. I was freehanding, but I might try my hand at maybe refining and transcribing a pattern. (ETA: Timelapsed Video of makin...

    Tags: Chickpea, dollamancy

  • Buff My Unit

    Speed sketch of Claud Gauntlet. Time = ~2.25 hours -- 50% drawing, 50% coloring, and 20% convincing Paint to keep my text boxes in one place.     (NOTE: User was awarded 10 shmuckers for this post. -Rob)

    Tags: claud gauntlet, dollamancer, dollamancy, golem, meme, xzibit, yo dawg