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  • The Hundredth Side

    So i came up with an idea inspired by the this is sparta contest and the idea that a side with brutal condition and initiations for new units could be made stronger despite losing most of each new popping.The original 99 Kings and Queens were created to spread the will of the Titans across the Er...

    Tags: Metal, OldErf, Eisenwald

  • The Hundredth Side, Part 2

    Every side to border the vast impenetrable Eisenwald had heard some variant of that myth of the forgotten kingdom. An implausible place that was both vastly powerful and utterly ruined existing within the depths of the most dangerous region for hundreds of hexes in any direction. Prince Robert of...

    Tags: Build-a-Burger, Scouts, Metal, Horror, Eisenwald

  • Meeting the New soon-to-be Neighbors in the Eisenwald

      Prince Robert walked his camp watching approvingly as his soldiers prepared breakfasts and went about breaking down the camp. They moved a bit slower than usual weighed down by hangovers from the last nights revelry. “Uuuhhh I don't feel well” he mumbled to himself trying vain...

    Tags: Build-a-Burger, Scouts, Metal, Horror, Eisenwald, gourmet food

  • The Town of Hollowin'

      It all started on a turn like any other, a stack of friends having a fun hike to see what new treasures and friends they could find on the happy world of Erf. This journey however would be a particularly interesting one for a very special unit that would accomplish both and also learn the...

    Tags: Halloween 2017, Eisenwald, Slashers