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  • A Little Rhyme-o-mancy 2

    Don King At Night   The King of Transylvito sat alone. "Poor Slately's doom," he sighed, "is now my doom." He listened for it, coming to his throne. The monster -- Truth -- was breathing in the gloom.   He dropped his cup. "There comes a time," he said. "When into every reign so...

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  • A Little Rhyme-o-mancy 3

    Gobwin KnobGobwin Knob is the best side of all!The best city, best units, best wall!The best ruler's a Tool! The best caster's a Fool!Parson Gotti? ... um ... well ... he's quite tall?CharlescommGood ol' Charlie sits fine on his throne."Blow my nose! Wipe my butt!" he'll intone.Archons jump to ob...

    Tags: Erf poetry, rhyme-o-mancy