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  • Dance (Fight) Until the World Ends - Part 1

    Circus, capitol of the great side of ARTPOP. Founded by Queen Jean Spears many hundred-turns ago, it is located strategically at the centre of a ring of saltwater squares, sandwiched between Lagoon Five and the Mariachi Trench. Circus was a difficult city to assail—only ocean-capable units ...

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  • The Mancy of the Rhyme - A Magical Erf Tale that teaches you not to read it.

    'Tis a story of a unit,A unit bold and strong.A lover and a piker,With a lance sure and long!He popped in a kingdom dead,Not far away on Erf;Soft golden face and hair,And a mount of chocolate surf.A royal he was not.Nor of the caster snob.Thus for many a turn,None noticed him on the job...But Fat...

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  • Disorder in the Court

    This story formed because I was thinking about the Great Minds, their secrets, and their excommunication. I thought, “Other casters have secrets, so how would they deal with a traitor?” When I thought of a certain discipline, a tune popped into my head and would not go away.   ...

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  • Rendezvous With Destiny – part one

    C-10   Warlord Taylor (max to his friends) looked on his companion with a wry smile. "I don't think I've ever seen you so eager for a mission briefing!" he said. His companion walked silently for a few minutes, the only sound their loud, lonely footsteps on the huge, deserted barracks of t...

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  • Rendezvous With Destiny – part two

    Somewhere, behind the endless clouds and swirling snow, the sun was rising. David could feel its feeble heat on his face. As cold as he felt, he should have been happy for warmth, but it only gave him as feeling of dread. Dawn meant start of turn, and the Teutobodians' turn came first.   B...

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  • Cassidy and the Kid

    I can't promise this is going anywhere, but it popped into my head this morning almost fully formed, and needed to be written. ------------------ The hardest part was the waiting. With an effort, Cassidy resisted the impulse to reposition his forces yet again, and settled for checking...

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  • Erf World and Civ 5

    Has anyone attempted to Mod Erfworld on Civ 5? I am an avid player, and someone of greater skill than I did one for Faerun, the D&D world and I have played the Middle Earth mod as well. I am hoping one day someone does a mod for Erfworld, with all of the sides and units, etc.  

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  • Dominus Duodecimus

    Interests: erfworld, homestuck, anime/manga, scifi.

  • The power of wordplay.

    (Vance the Gelded bides, waiting, barbarian, with three Signamancers' stack. In service to XON, that vile feral, with its cryptic promises, he's outcast: none hate him more than his former, tyrannous side. He stole a princess from those magocrats, named Chastity, trapped in its capital, a city - ...

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  • False Dwagon Lullaby

      XON screamed, and the meaning was Intelligence. The forest listened to XON. --- Fatal Helle-Rune forever whispered, from her memory palace, to the world, over and over: "Give me the strength to deceive even myself: that the past can be returned." She had gritted those words many turn...

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