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  • Map of Gobwin Knob and neighbours

    Map from the comic page 41, straightened, cleaned and with a little bit more contrast on some places.   NOTE: User was awarded 10 Shmuckers for this post. -Rob

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  • Marshmallow Emporium ad part1

    CJ:s Marshmallow Emporium has a new, crraaazy offer! Part 2

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  • Marshmallow Emporium ad part2

    Order now and receive one (1) free insulting message from CJ herself! Part 1   (Note: user was awarded 50 Shmuckers for this 2-comic series. -Rob)

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  • Units of FAQ

    For much of the same motivation as that found in Hat's the Ticket!, this is an attempt to shoehorn several elements of the Erfworld setting into a roleplaying game. I'm specifically using the rules of 3.5, or as I'm personally calling the overall attempt, 3.Erf.        Gwi...

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