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  • Parson and Maggie in Fallout 4

    I got bored, so I made Parson and Maggie in Fallout 4. And for those that are interested, "Parson" is on the list of names that Codsworth knows, so he'll say Parson's name out loud. Sadly, I couldn't give Maggie pink eyes.       "Um... It wasn't me this time?"   &nbs...

    Tags: Fan art, Parson, Maggie, Fallout, Fallout 4, Lipkin

  • Flowers for the Fallen

    Red gladiolus, for Honor.    Georgia's death was an emotional gutpunch for me, so I wanted to draw something for the character I went from indifferent to in love with. (That scene with her soldiers? Her thoughts while climbing the tower?) I had hoped to have this finished much sooner ...

    Tags: Georgia Power, Fan Art, Character Death