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  • Murder in the Magic Kingdom

        Murder in the Magic Kingdom   Part 1   He awoke with a start, his half-sleeping brain searching to identify whatever had roused him. Then, the banging came again.   "Lang! Lang, wake up! Lee!"   Lee Lang glanced over at the still shuttered window of t...

    Tags: Murder Mystery, Noire, Magic Kingdom, Findamancy, Lee Lang, Lipkin, Great Minds, Fanfic

  • Magic for the Win

    This is for the gaming stream Living in a caster world - Casters are meant to be powerful and expensive units. They are one of the most powerful and diverse units on a side, defining a side's strategy. But in order to best understand casters, we must compile information and invent information. ...

    Tags: Magic, Spells, Findamancy, Healomancy

  • Finding Santuary: Part 1

    The following is a continuation of Finding Sanctuary, the prologue of which can be found here. Sorry, this took so long.     Finding Sanctuary: Part 1     In the Big Badlands, atop the Inigo Plateau, s...

    Tags: Finding Sanctuary, Murder in the Magic Kingdom, Sequel, Lipkin, Findamancy, Acme, The Chief, Lord Barry, Sandy el Dorado, Brock Apella, Tinkerbull