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  • Its A Croaked Units Party - Part I

    Barb's boots crunched on the dried leaves that covered the ground like a carpet.  Their amber and maroon hues made interesting patterns that she stopped to stare at for a while. She lost herself in the gazing, until looking up to see a couple of Dirtamancers making funny faces and laughing a...

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  • Its a Croaked Units Party - Part 2 (Finale)

    At the songs closing, Barb looked around to see several people staring at her in disbelief.  She knew what had happened, and decided against ever dancing again.  Hanging her head and determinedly walking back towards the corner of the room she now considered her safe place, she mumbled ...

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  • 2018 Halloween Competition, Shockmancy Shindig

    Ladies, gentlemen, assorted ghosts, spirits, demons, abominations before science and nature, monstrosities and librarians, it is that time of year again.The time... (dramatic pause) For the Erfworld Halloween Competition!   Mwhahahaha! That's right, now is the time to start preparing ...

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