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  • Tunnels in the Swamp (Part I)

    IT IS LIKELY that none of the original ninety nine sides of Erfworld – those royal sides created by the Titans at the dawn of the First Turn according to Scripture – remain extant within Erfworld. By all accounts, however, Stillspear was spun off directly from one. Although the name o...

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  • The Walking Unled

    “When there’s no more rhyme in Hellabad, the croaked will dance on Erf,” quoted Vance Macabre. It was a well known line from the Book of Fanon, a bit of scripture often used to slander the noble art of croakamancy.   One interpretation was that the uncroaked were animated...

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  • Razorvine

    I am a study in contradictions, I am a dreamer, loyal, intense, thoughtful, emotionally honest, creative, and personal, but I can also be moody and self-conscious. I believe in being thoughtful in all I do, but I also believe doing something is almost always better than doing nothing.

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  • The Hundredth Side, Part 2

    Every side to border the vast impenetrable Eisenwald had heard some variant of that myth of the forgotten kingdom. An implausible place that was both vastly powerful and utterly ruined existing within the depths of the most dangerous region for hundreds of hexes in any direction. Prince Robert of...

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  • Meeting the New soon-to-be Neighbors in the Eisenwald

      Prince Robert walked his camp watching approvingly as his soldiers prepared breakfasts and went about breaking down the camp. They moved a bit slower than usual weighed down by hangovers from the last nights revelry. “Uuuhhh I don't feel well” he mumbled to himself trying vain...

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  • Glass

    AN   This was written for a Halloween competition. Normally I wouldn’t do this sort of thing, but it came surprisingly easily.       Leafstone didn’t pop flyers, but they did have catterpillers, all-terrain terrestrial mounts with respectable move, long enoug...

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  • The Lilith

    Once upon a turn so dreary, while I schemed weak and weary,Against a many and various customers,While I plotted, forever living, Suddenly there came a magic calling, calling of my lovely Archons."It's my away team." I muttered, "Reporting about my prisoner, bringing me alms.Calling me like they c...

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