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  • Unjust Deserts, part 18

    Part 18: Re-re-reunions   --------------------------------------------------------------With thanks to cloudbreaker for lending the creepy threads. --------------------------------------------------------------   A cool draft blew atop the Rock Band’s mesa, rattling...

    Tags: Erfic, Desert, Dessert, Barbarian, Predictamancy, Mathamancy, Spicymancer

  • Cinder39134

    Cinder39134, the Rhymer,Looking at the comic he's awaited,Effects poems ably 'fore a timer.Verse, if it not swiftly was created,Ekes no merits, cannot be debated.Rather, without metered rhyme envision:Many readers wouldn't then be sated.All this fear leads thus to much rescission,Not to fancy poe...

    Skills: Mathamancy