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  • A Very Erfworld Questmas

    Twas the turn before Questmas, and all throughout the field, Two armies were stirring, and neither would yield. For twelve days in the hex, they slashed and hacked at HP, With patient hopes that their rival would flee.   The bitter foes were Donnerparty and Blitzenkrieg, And by sword, ...

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  • Blast From The Past - Part 10 (Finale)

    Previous Chapters:Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6 Part 7Part 8Part 9   SHWACK!     It was the brutal sound of King Biff executing Delorean prisoners, one by one. Every now and then he’d laugh when a severed head went bouncing in a funny way.   King Georg...

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  • Decryptocurrency

    The prisoner sat in her dark alcove. Shackles bound her to the wall, cuffing hand and foot. She hunched on a wooden platform that made a poor excuse for a bed, tucking her knees against the rough sackcloth of her dress.   An untrained eye might have mistaken her cowed shrunken posture as a...

    Tags: Moneymancey, Croakamancy, Wanda, Decryption, Omnimancer

  • Everlasting Stopper the Gobwin

    Stopper had been a good gobwin. He mined for Gobwin Knob over many turns, digging tunnels through the rock, and found many gems. Overlord Stanley had been so pleased, he’d even given some of the gems to the gobwin tribe so they could pop more gobwins!   Eventually the gems were mostl...

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