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  • The Ambush

    Bekan clutched her cloak closer, trying to ward off the frost. Silently, she cursed Snoz, Rezzah, and Josom; all of them laying nearby, all of them possessing the foresight to buy gear suitable to the cold weather. But mostly, she cursed at the goat tethered to a stake in the snow-covered field b...

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  • 10 Ways to Keep Your Commoner Role Playing Character Alive

    10 Ways to keep your Commoner/Low Powered Character Alive in a Dangerous Fantasy World The Adequate Commoner by J.M. Perkins – author of The Adequate Commoner – the everyman’s guide to surviving and thriving. 1. When in Doubt: Run Away! Normal adventurers don’t retre...

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  • The Seventh Crown Roleplaying Game Setting; Now on Kickstarter!

    NOTE ABOUT THIS ARTICLEAs part of the "Kicking It Forward" concept, I try to keep tabs on Kickstarter projects that I think Erfworld readers would like. I reached out to Bryan Steele, the creator of Seventh Crown, and asked him to write up an article for the gaming stream about his sett...

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  • Hat's The Ticket!

    Yes, yes, Erfworld is a webcomic about a hex-grid turn-based fantasy wargame, you know, like Divine Right or Dragon Pass or SPI's War of the Ring or, of course, the monster fantasy slugathon wargame of all monster fantasy slugathon wargames, Titan. But that does not mean I can't sh...

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  • Lankin

    Interests: RPG's (Mage, Pathfinder, Nobilis, Changeling, In Nomine, Wulin, etc), drawing, cartoons, language, slalom, dancing

  • Nate_the_Robot

    Comic artist and creator from southern Indiana. I always loved Spiderman and Superman as a kid, but I didn't really get into comics until I met my friend Rob in high school in 1986. At the time, TMNT had created a huge market in independent comics, and we had this great idea for a comic, the "Vig...

    Interests: Webcomics, Star Wars, Pathfinder, MCU, XBox One, Battlefront 2

  • The Dance-Fighter

    A First Edition Pathfinder prestige class inspired by Erfworld, applying the grace and movement of dance to the challenge of melee.   Role: These charismatic combatants are natural leaders. Admired for their agility and accuracy, and even more for their ability to inspire others to join in...

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